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Lord of Dragonspire - A new C64 game announced by Sizzler team!

Unbelievable! You would think Icon64 would take a time out after putting all that effort into Sizzler Rocky Memphis : The Legend Of Atlantis and The Sky is Falling, but not so! As this month they have been teasing a new game they are working on with a music demo, Lord of Dragonspire; a C64 game which looks like a high quality top down actyion RPG with the ability to attack, run, pick things up and even eat!

Although not much is known about the game other than the screenshot and this kick ass C64 demo above, what we can say is with the same team putting the workload into Lord of Dragonspire such as Stuart Collier, Trevor Storey, and Jason Page rest assured it will well worth your money - full of great gameplay, great sound, and kick ass graphics. Release Date : When finished!


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