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GoldenEye N64 Can Be Beaten With Just One Bullet

Ah, GoldenEye 007. If you owned a copy of this N64 classic during your youth, you probably also have an ample supply of nostalgic memories to go alongside it, as well as a few angry ones aimed at your friends who chose to play as Oddjob.

What you probably don't have, though, is the ability to say that you've completed the game firing just one bullet. We wouldn't have thought the feat possible in all honesty, but Ryan White, better known in the speedrunning community as 'Goose', has done exactly that.

Ryan's detailed how it all comes together in this video below. For the most part, it turns out you're able to use speedrunning techniques to simply charge your way through each level and bypass the guards in your way, or at the very least lure them into dropping mines. Certain levels are much more tricky than others - especially when extra goals such as collecting key cards are involved - but using the trusty 'Slappers Only' playstyle of whacking everything that moves with a quick hand chop is usually super effective.

So what about that one bullet? Well, as you can see above, the one essential shot in the game's campaign actually comes in the very first level. In the Dam level, you'll come up against a padlock on a gate towards the very end; Ryan says that there's simply no other way of breaking that lock, even if you make the guards shoot at it.


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