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Earthworm Jim will return on new 'retro' console

Twenty-five years after the release of Earthworm Jim, members of the development team will come together to start planning a new game in the series for the Intellivision Amico home console.

To kick off the development process, the team making the game will hold a live simulcast on May 4 at 12 p.m. PT. Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel, the game's designer David Perry and artist Nick Bruty are part of the crew working on the new game, according to a Wednesday press release from Intellivision Entertainment.

"We have been talking about this moment for many years," Tommy Tallarico, Intellivision Entertainment CEO/president and original Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 composer and sound designer, said in the release. "It's a dream come true to finally get the entire team back together. We're looking forward to sharing a small part of our reunion and initial design meeting with fans from around the world."

The new Earthworm Jim game will be released on the Intellivision Amico, which was originally announced last year. Based on the Intellivision console released in 1979, the new home console will have remakes of classic Intellivision games as well as new exclusive games such as this new Earthworm Jim game. The Intellivision Amico is scheduled for release on Oct. 10, 2020.

Retro video games have picked up in recent years, with the popularity, for example, of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic. Though at CES 2019 there appeared a marked decrease in retro gaming


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