Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 Getting A SNES Reprint Courtesy Of iam8bit

Recent news that the original team behind beloved 16-bit platformer Earthworm Jim is getting back together for a sequel on the Intellivision Amico confirmed that there's still an audience for the worm and his zany antics. His games on SNES and Genesis / Mega Drive were fun, slick-looking platformers and they are fondly remembered by many.

If you really want to relive the character's '90s heyday, iam8bit is opening up pre-orders on 21st May at 10:00 PST (6pm in the UK) for a limited run of the original two SNES games combined on one new Super Nintendo cartridge. In collaboration with Interplay, only 2000 copies are being produced and they'll come in brand-new bespoke boxes complete with a new instruction manual and 'retro pack-in surprises'.

While the majority of the carts will come in a fetching 'Udder Pink', approximately 100 will have an alternate 'Cow Print' case. These will be mixed in randomly, so you have a 1/20 chance of receiving the rarer design.

They certainly look lovely, although the price might stop you from taking a punt on one of the cow print carts - each one will cost you $134.99. Shipping begins in November, so retro earthworm enthusiasts might want to investigate.

iam8bit brought Gone Home to Switch in physical form and we've seen official reproductions of Mega Man X and Mega Man 2. Check out our interview with the founders at BitSummit last year for more details on the company and the geek chic items it specialises in.