All Together Then: The Animated Batman

What do we know about Batman, really? We know he's a man who is also a bat. And I, personally, can assure you that he's been in plenty of comics, movies and video games. It's quite serendipitous that some of those videogames are based on Batman's animated series' (such as, erm, Batman: The Animated Series), because it's those TV tie-ins I will be taking a Bat-squint at today. Four animated shows, four games.

All Together Then!

Batman: The Animated Series (Game Boy, 1993)

This typically basic monochrome platformer seems to take some cues from Sunsoft's tremendous NES classic Batman (based loosely on the 1989 movie), with a similar gameplay loop - you run, you punch and you can even wall jump in exactly the same way. Unfortunately the association ends rather abruptly there, because while Sunsoft's game is a very good and atmospheric title, Konami's is banal and unimpressive. The backgrounds are a li