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All Game console startups 1977-2020

Kept as accurate as possible no shaders or filtering This has been redone as the ones that exist are wrong Systems in chosen generational order to curb roughly 8 minutes of straight silence. without rom specific boots, and not so common educational only consoles(theres thousands of these.) this is it.

Order list: Playstation pocket Vectrex Magnavox odyssey 2 Master system US Master system beta Master system JP Non-fm Master system JP w/ fm Satellaview Capcom cps changer Neo geo CDZ Neo Geo CD Neo Geo AES Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Super a'can Amiga CD32 Atari Jaguar Tomy pyuta Colecovision Colecovision w/ expansion Mega CD 1 JP Mega CD 2 JP Mega CD 2 EU Jvc x'eye Wondermega Mega CD 1 EU Sega CD 1 US Sega CD 2 US Genesis VideoBrain Bally astrocade Super Gameboy Super Gameboy 2 Commodore64 GS Commodore CDTV Tandy/memorex VIS Video Challenger Action Max APF imagination machine Famicom disk system Famicom disk system beta Twin Sharp Famicom disk PC-FX Casio loopy PC-FX GA Famicom box NES M82 CD-i RDI halcyon Creativision CD-i newer intro Nintendo Playstation Pippin Atari Jaguar CD FM towns marty 3do goldstar/sanyo/fz-10/fz-1 QIS Pc-engine CD Turbografx CD Pc-engine super cd ST-V Hi-Saturn Sega Saturn JP V-Saturn Sega Saturn US 3do M2 Playstation N64DD Dreamcast Beta US/EU Dreamcast US/EU Sega naomi Playstation 2 Psx Gamecube Xbox Xbox 360 non-hdmi Xbox 360 hdmi Xbox 360 post-update Xbox One Xbox One X Onlive Ouya Gamestick Ps3 release Ps3 updated Ps4 Steam machines Wii Wii U Switch Virtualboy Gameboy Gameboy color Gameboy advance DS DS-i 3DS Gamecom Neo Geo pocket N-Gage Supervision Wonderswan Pokemon mini Tapwave PSP PS Vita Nvidia shield


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