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A Second Namco Collection Has Been Revealed For The Evercade Handheld System

The new Evercade system is starting to sound more and more appealing with each announcement; this time, a second batch of Namco classics has been confirmed for the handheld system.

If you've missed the news on this one, Evercade is a new handheld console that can connect to your TV (sound familiar?). You can pick up special cartridges for the system which each contain a collection of games from a particular publisher, and the latest of these has now been shown off.

Joining the previous announcements, which revealed the Atari Collection 1, the Interplay Collection 1 and Data Play Collection 1, and then the Namco Museum Collection 1, Interplay Collection 2, and Atari Collection 2, is the Namco Museum Collection 2. You can see the titles featured in the image below, but we've written out a full list for you a little further down.

  • Galaga

  • Pac-Attack

  • The Tower of Druaga

  • Phelios

  • Dragon Spirit

  • The New Legend

  • Dig Dug II

  • Burning Force

  • Weapon Lord

  • Warp Man

  • Splatterhouse Part 2

  • Splatterhouse 3


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