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​A Hacker Has Managed To Get An Xbox Emulator Running On The Switch

Thanks to a hardware exploit discovered last year, the Nintendo Switch hack scene has been hard at work writing emulators for the console. Now it appears that Voxel9 has managed to get the XQEMU Xbox emulator running on a Switch. Not only is it loading through to the console's dashboard but it's also able to load and play some games, including the original Halo.

In a sped up YouTube video (via Kotaku), Voxel9 starts up the emulator, boots up the Xbox dash, and plays games. It's sped up because the Switch is not able to run the emulator at full speed. That's not a knock on the hardware of the Switch, it's because XQEMU is an extremely intensive program.

Madly, as the emulator can't detect Joy-Cons, Voxel 9 was using a PS4 controller to play the games - so they're using a PlayStation controller to play Xbox games on a Nintendo console. Truly, the console wars are over.

Now, we should say, cracking your Switch and loading it up with emulators isn't a good idea. It voids your warranty for one thing, but it also breaks the terms of your license agreementwith Nintendo. When you first boot up to the device you agree not to "bypass, modify, defeat, tamper with, or circumvent any of the functions or protections of the Console". Hacking the device definitely counts as a no no.

It's fascinating to see what the Switch is able to do, though.

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