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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt






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100% (USA)

January 19, 2022

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This is my 100% complete Witcher 3: GOTY Switch save with 420 hours played on it in the span of one year and two playthroughs (new game and new game plus). Every quest done including all DLC's, best possible build and every unique or interesting item collected.

- before starting this new game plus I grinded for 50 hours to get to level 100 to start new game plus at level 100 so all items and quests are the highest level possible with the best possible stats
- all quests including all missable encounters completed with all objectives checked green (2 bugged objectives checked red because they always fail)
- all bestiary entries
- all tutorials complete
- all character entries
- all quest books and books
- all crafting diagrams (I checked and I have every single one) in their most powerful versions since I started this new game plus at level 100
- all alchemy recipes
- all oils, decoctions, potions and bombs made and collected
- at least one of every single food and drink item in the game collected
- enough crafting items and alchemy ingredients to make any item in the game
- all locations on all maps discovered, more caves discovered than I've seen anyone have (missing only one fast travel point on Skellige but it's bugged and I can't get it to appear on the map)
- Corvo Bianco fully upgraded
- all grandmaster and grandmaster legendary witcher weapons and armor made, all other witcher gear in the game made
- all unique or interesting items
- all unique swords given to Geralt during quests
- all coolest weapons and armor collected
- all new game plus swords enchanted with severance
- all paintings
- all armor dyes and their formulae
- all trophies on Corvo Bianco display places
- hundreds of weapon and armor enahncements
- hundreds of greater mutagens thanks to mutagenerator from farming to level 100 on my first save
- over 1 000 000 crowns collected (when you start ng+ at level 100 every item is worth a looot more than on a regular playthrough)
- all Gwent cards in the game collected for every faction and the best deck for every faction equipped, won a game of Gwent on hard Gwent difficulty with every playable npc in the game
- best horse gear equipped
- best build possible: deal insane damage, take no damage, great sign power and possiblity for very frequent sign use

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