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Metroid Dread






MercurySteam, Nintendo EPD

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100% (USA)

January 19, 2022

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Save file with everything unlocked for Metroid Dread (v1.0.1)
The save has been dumped using JKSV, and the same app should be used for restoring it.
You can use the files included with other save managers as well, as long as you know the proper file/folder structure your save manager uses. The save file includes:

  • 1st Slot with Hard Mode under 4 hours with 65% items completedAll 9 Chozo Images unlocked (Each one for completing 100% items in each region)
    All 9 Ending Images unlocked (first 3 for finishing Normal mode under 4 hours, other 3 for finishing Hard mode under 4 hours, and the last one for having all 6 images unlocked in a single file)
    This save file was the initial one, started on Normal mode where it was completed under 4 hours, then completed all 100% items afterwards (This one was copied to save slot 2)
  • 2nd Slot with Normal mode with 100% items completedSave file used as the starting file for the one in Slot 1. This one was first finished under 4 hours for unlocking the initial 3 Ending images, and then completed to 100% items to unlock all the Chozo images.
    All 9 Ending and Chozo images unlocked

Game Save files

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