Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator is a free and open source emulator designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems. The aim of MAME is to be a reference to the inner workings of the emulated arcade machines; the ability to actually play the games is considered "a nice side effect". The emulator now supports over seven thousand unique games and ten thousand actual ROM image sets, though not all of the supported games are playable. It worth mentioning that MESS was integrated upstream into MAME in the past.

Last Stable Release:




Windows: Vista SP1+

Linux: Nothing reported

MacOS: 10.9+


CPU: Intel Core series CPU or equivalent 2.0 GHz+
GPU: modern card with Direct3D 9.0c+ / OpenGL 


Support files:

MAMEUI Category inifiles - 0.218

Offers to sort games by category, year of release, version of MAME, etc.

Simply place them in the "folders" location of MAMEUI.


Info.dat - 0.218

File maintained by MASH containing all the information from "". It gives information about the status of games in MAME-Arcade (i.e. development, bugs, improvements).


News.txt - 0.37b1 to 0.217


History.dat - 0.218

Access all trivia, facts, tips and other information for the games and machines


UI64 - 0.218

x64 GUI version of MAME on the Windows platform.

     Snapshot pack - Update (requires original before updating)

     Source Code file

     Icon Pack file


WolfMAME - 0.218

File (.7z) / Source Code (zip) / Source Code (gz)

Used to prevent cheating (.inp) and important for establishing records