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0.6.4 / 11-01-2023





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NuanceResurrection NUON is an enhanced DVD Player Emulator for the Windows platform. NUON was a niche gaming console as well as DVD player back in the early 2k. While this project is not trying to provide cycle-accurate emulation, it tries to provide the smoothest gameplay possible from the host PC albeit sacrificing some accuracy. Note the original author (Mike Perry) has passed away and this project has been ressurected. 

Also, the controller adaptor available here.


Windows: XP+

Most Recent Changes


  • Fix command line file parsing, also drag and drop will now work properly

  • Fix wrong handling of global overlay alpha values > 0

  • Optimize OpenGL output shaders

  • Fix CRT-like shader for very high resolutions (e.g. 4K)

  • Retweak CRT-like shader to be a bit more realistic compared to common CRT TVs back in the days


  • Add new (optional) postprocessing CRT-like shader ([UseCRTshader] in the .cfg), enabled by default, looks best in fullscreen

  • Its now possible to specify a file that should be loaded directly from the command line, e.g. nuance.exe C:\NuonGame\ This will also automatically launch in fullscreen mode, too

  • Add new [Controller1Mappings] section in the .cfg along with DirectInput support for joypads/sticks and an additional UI dialog to configure keys/buttons

  • Fix a lot of problems with the MPE IRAM overlay areas and the code caching of these

  • Make MPE IRAM overlay caching more efficient

  • Merlin Racing now is playable (although the AI carts are still driving around randomly)

  • Update status window on single stepping, too

  • Add missing registers to status window

  • Add debug output for BIOS calls

  • Add new [AutomaticLoadPopup] section to configure if the automatic file selection pops up on startup or not


Small update

  • Tweak audio interrupts some more

  • Correctly set DST

  • Some internal buffer overflow protection

  • Improve debugging output a bit


Unfortunately the author of the original project (Mike Perry) passed away a long time ago, but it seems like nobody picked up this piece of history and so there is no NUON emulator to be found anywhere except for his Nuance 0.5.1 release from 2007.

The source code of 0.5.0 (or is it actually 0.5.1??) was later-on released by his family here.

By now, emulation was improved a lot with many games now working almost correctly (except for "random" endless loops that still occur in the emulated code due to whacky audio syncing) in the new 0.6.1 release.

Due to the (debatable) way how Mike designed the emulation core, this project is not trying to provide cycle-accurate emulation, but can rather be seen as a virtual NUON machine that provides as much computational power as possible from the host PC. The advantage: Games that stutter on original HW can run smooth. The disadvantage: Syncing problems (for now) in some games.

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