a442078 / 29-06-2020



m64p uses mupen64plus-gui front-end written in Qt5. It supports all things you’d expect from a frontend (savestate management, pausing, screenshots, etc.) and comes bundled with GLideN64 for the graphics plugin.


Starting with a fresh config

If you’ve ever used any version of mupen64plus before, you might have a configuration file saved on your computer. I suggest starting with a fresh config if this is your first time here.

Go to Settings -> Core and Plugin Settings. At the bottom click on Reset All Settings.

Most Recent Changes

  • Various bug fixes for the GUI and GLideN64

  • Fix for #47

I have started a Patreon, please consider donating. A netplay server costs about $10-15 a month to operate. Donations will allow me to create more netplay servers in other regions.