1.1.12dev / 30-11-2019



Z64K runs on any platform with an updated Java Runtime Environment installed. 

It runs multiple computing devices such as Atari 2600 (cycle-accurate 6507 & pixel-accurate TIA emulation), Commodore 64 (cycle-exact 6510 including all undocumented instructions, CIA 6522/6522a emulation (cycle-exact SID 6581 emulation based on reSID, etc.), Commodore 128 (All features of C64 with most VDC features), Z80 processor emulated though not 100% cycle accurate, VIC 20 (cycle-accurate), Disk drive support (CBM 1541, CBM 1571, CBM 1581) and much more.


RequirementJava Runtime Environment 7+


Note: JAVA 9 and 10: use the –Dsun.java2d.uiScale=1.0 option, if the screen does not render nicely on your setup. 

See bug for details..

Most Recent Changes!

  • Fixed VDC writing to register 19 before 18 behaviour as discussed at emd/c128-vdc.s is broken