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XQEMU is an open-source, cross-platform, low-level system emulator for the original Xbox and Sega Chihiro, forked from QEMU project. It's still in experimental state, a such audio does not work, graphics are slow and buggy, etc.




Windows: 7+ x64

Linux: No information provided to report. 

Mac: No information provided to report. 


XQEMU does not come with an Xbox specific GUI and needs a separate frontend for GUI.

XQEMU-Manager (Official frontend by XQEMU developers. Python script; GUI only)

XQEMU-Frontend by Voxel9 (Builds available; GUI only)

xqemu-gui by BigBrainAFK (Builds available; GUI only)

XQEMURun by illwieckz (Python script; Command-Line interface only)

Most Recent Changes!

  • nv2a: Set content of disabled register combiner stages to zero
  • nv2a: Fix A8Y8 texture formats
  • nv2a: Use linear addressing for LU_IMAGE_A4R4G4B4