4.5 beta9 / 30-06-2020



WinUAE is a Commodore emulator for Windows:

  • High accuracy and compatibility for A500, A500+,  A600, A1000, A2000, CDTV

  • Good compatibility (Cycle-exact chipset emulation, CPU memory accesses are cycle-exact, CPU internal instruction execution speed is not exact) for A1200 and CD32

  • Fast CPU emulation only (chipset/chip ram CPU accesses optionally cycle-exact) for A3000, A3000T, A4000 and A4000T. To see all features, follow this link

Extension packages & Miscellaneous utilities 

  • PPC CPU core plugin, 1.5.1+ Direct3D Pixel Shader filters, Improved drive sounds, Portaudio library

  • UAEUNP 0.8 to extract Amiga based disk images and archive




Windows: XP SP3 32-bit+


CPU: SSE2 capable

GPU: For Direct3D11 - Windows 7: SP1+

          For Direct3D9 - June 2010 DirectX 9 redistributable required

Most Recent Changes

  • TRAPcc and CHK2 exception stack frame fix. Stacked PC was not pointing to next instruction. (CPU tester didn't validate 68020+ exception stacked PC field. Fixed and retested.)

  • 68060 LPSTOP illegal instruction if second word is not 0x01C0 and privilege violation due to new SR not having S-bit set stack frame had wrong stacked PC.

  • 68060 STOP privilege violation if new SR didn't have S-bit set (68060-only special case) exception stacked PC was wrong.