WIP r4a / 19-09-2019

Virtual Jaguar Rx


Virtual Jaguar is an Atari Jaguar emulator with integrated debugger which was ported by SDLEMU (Niels Wagenaar & Carwin Jones) and is based upon the original work by David Raingeard of Potato Emulation. 





Most Recent Changes

  • Fix specific breakpoints for ROM cartridge writing or unknown memory location writing.

  • Added screenshot, call stack window features, Jaguar model & BIOS configurations, and a source code files list viewer.

  • Added multiple breakpoints feature for M68K functions.
    Added a Save Dump As... feature to save a memory zone to a file.

  • Added a cartridge view menu to display cartridge directory system and his files list.

  • Added search paths in case of missing DWARF directories information.

  • Fixes for stability, ELF/DWARF parsing information.
    Updates for the setup registries and log file.
    UI modifications for debugger mode, key bindings and icons.

  • Breakpoint / alert box may now occur in case of writing at unknown memory location or in case of ROM writing.
    The -d command line option, dedicated to the debugger, has been renamed with -D. 

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