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ScummVM allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games by replacing the executables which is why you can play on systems for which they were never designed!

You can find a full list with details on which games are supported and how well on the compatibility page

Most Recent Changes

new release of ScummVM is ready. This is a thrilling one because we are embracing adventure games as far back as 1976! That’s right, the infamous Colossal Cave Adventure, the very first Interactive Fiction game, is now supported by ScummVM.

Besides that (and about 1594 other IF games), we now added 3 more game engines and extended another 4, thus adding the following games to the supported list:

  • Blazing Dragons

  • Eye of the Beholder - Sega CD version

  • Griffon Legend

  • Interactive Fiction games

  • Operation Stealth

  • Police Quest: SWAT

  • Prince and the Coward, English translation

  • Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar

  • Ultima VI - The False Prophet

  • Ultima VIII - Pagan

As you can see, we continue our exploration into the world of RPGs.

Other notable changes are: a fully rewritten MorphOS port; a new subsystem for automatic saves present in nearly every engine we support; Right-To-Left display support in our GUI; updated MT-32 emulation code and Discord Rich Presence.

We now support additional different game versions, and have noticeable improvements to Illusions, Kyra, Lab, Queen, Titanic, Xeen and ZVision engines. There is also improved support for Maniac Mansion, NES and Apple //gs versions. As usual, we continue fixing original SCI script bugs in over 30 games and added Roland D-110 soundtrack support to these games.

Of course, you can find the comprehensive Release Notes here.

On their next update, this section will be refreshed.

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