r20.02b / 03-02-2020



Reicast is the best Dreamcast emulator for Android, with Windows 10 builds compiled as well. It provides a simple and intuitive interface and is made by some of the developers which were behind NullDC, which implies Reicast is like a newer version of NullDC. In fact, it's being developed using some of the same codes as NullDC. Reicast has bugs and problems though has quite a bright future ahead.

Note: BIOS not provided. Use provided publicly-sourced BIOS


Android: 2.2+

Windows: 8.1+ (32-bit & 64-bit)

Linux: Please follow their instruction

Mac: Please follow their instruction 

Most Recent Changes!

  • Adreno 3xx fixes
  • Improve fullscreen for some devices
  • Fix audio limit not kicking in instantly
  • Msgbox for android, for clearer error reporting
  • Virtual Joystick can now be edited without crashing
  • Fix GL not always resizing correctly
  • Fix SH4 not always stopping on framebuffer-based roms
  • Fix system reboot
  • Initialization fixes for older hardware (Android 4.x)
  • Initialization fixes for newer hardware (GL41; Shield)
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixes around load save state lockups
  • Overall init and stability fixes
  • Background will now resume with Commands menu, instead of resuming rom