0.106 / 29-07-2020



puNES seems to be ranked as the second most accurate NES/FDS emulator behind Mesen


Like many other Famicom emulators (such as Nestopia), it has cycle-accurate CPU emulation. In addition to its high accuracy, puNES also has some decent, standard emu options, including a input configuration UI.




Development-builds available: None actively reported 

Windows: OpenGL (D3D9 32-bit / D3D 64-bit

Linux: Please follow these instructions from author. 

Most Recent Changes

  • Added support for FreeBSD (thx to TCH68k for for the initial patch, his tests and his support).

  • Overlay screen redesigned and rewritten.

  • Added an option to rotate the screen.

  • Added Nuke.YKT VRC7 patch dump.

  • Added Brasilian translation (thx to Matheus on Crowdin).

  • Updated translation from Crowdin (thx to Алексей Тимонин, MS-PC, tch_oscomp, Ömercan Kömür).

  • Input management reorganized.

  • Added homebrew "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Third Impact" and "Fire Hawk (PAL)[!].nes" to the database.

  • Added traslation of Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 to the database.

  • Added a shortcut to save a screenshot of unaltered NES screen (#90).

  • Now you can also disable keyboard shortcuts.

  • Fixed warning compilation with QT 5.15.

  • Fixed compilation errors with the GCC -fno-common option (GCC 10).

  • Fixed compilation with recent MSYS2.

  • Fixed possible audio interruption (Windows).

  • Fixed the support for the RAR archive.

  • Fixed a possible crash when drag the window onto another monitor (Windows).

  • Fixed many many many other bugs.