0.105 / 30-07-2019



puNES seems to be ranked as the second most accurate NES/FDS emulator behind Mesen


Like many other Famicom emulators (such as Nestopia), it has cycle-accurate CPU emulation. In addition to its high accuracy, puNES also has some decent, standard emu options, including a input configuration UI.


Development-builds available: None actively reported 

Windows: OpenGL (D3D9 32-bit / D3D 64-bit

Linux: Please follow these instructions from author. 

Most Recent Changes!

  • Added Spanish translation 

  • Added Hungarian translation 

  • Added Turkish translation .

  • Added "Toggle GUI" option to toggle on/off the Menu+Status bars 

  • Added the option "Use integer scale in fullscreen" which toggle the vertical stretch in the fullscreen.

  • Added in database "Airwolf" roms and 2 hacked roms of "Kid Dracula" (mlla1i.nes and ikt73k.nes).

  • Added keyboard/controller shortcuts for the rewind functions :

  • I introduced the shortcut to activate and deactivate the "rewind mode" and the shortcuts for play, pause, step backward, step forward, fast backward and fast forward, all programmable. For the keyboard the defaults are :

    • CTRL+Left : Active/Deactive Rewind Mode

    • Left : Single step backward

    • Right : Single step forward

    • Down : Switch velocity for fast backward

    • Up : Switch velocity dor fast forward

    • Del : Play

    • Page Down : Pause

  • Changed the management of the text on the screen which is now clearly legible at resolution.

  • Possible infringing on the patent, replaced controller image (thx RokkumanX).

  • Fixed the freeze when start the emulator with fullscreen already enabled.

  • Fixed some glitches with some compositors (Compton for examples).

  • Fixed management of audio devices in alsa backend.

  • Fixed segfault when load a savestates with rewind functions disabled.

  • Fixed loading of the rom with header containing "DiskDude!".

  • Fixed text surface cleaning.

  • Fixed saving and loading of cheats.

  • Fixed audio pops when NSF/NSFE song start and improved audio/video sync.

  • Fixed possible crash in OpenBSD version.

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts management.

  • Fixed compilation with QT 5.13