5.8 / 19-09-2019



Playnite is a open source video game library manager with support for 3rd party libraries like Steam, GOG, Origin, Battle.net and Uplay. While providing one unified interface for your games, it includes game emulation support, fullscreen mode, themes and much more.


Requires Windows 7+ and .NET Framework 4.6 



  • Reverted background blur fix for Intel GPUs due to crashes with some high-res images
  • Crash on startup when using some custom themes
  • Background image blur is slowing down UI on Intel GPUs
  • Unified store page link names (by darklinkpower)
  • Twitch import fails
  • Twitch metadata download is using wrong background image
  • Icons/Covers disappear when scrolling too fast
  • System hibernation from Fullscreen mode doesn't work on some systems
  • Scrollbars can't be moved by clicking on the empty slider area
  • Scrollbar in Details View causes horizontal shift of information 
  • Reload of script extensions doesn't work properly
  • Playnite's window position is not saved properly
  • Platforms not being assigned to emulator profiles properly
  • Not all GOG games being imported properly 
  • Metadata download from IGDB fails for some game names 
  • Installing updates for existing 3d party themes fails in special cases
  • Importing mGBA emulator with wrong executable path
  • Import from itch.io can fail in some cases
  • Game selection is not being rendered properly sometimes 
  • Game details elements are not aligned properly
  • Game description is not being rendered properly
  • Configuration of supported emulator file types is not being handled properly
  • Filter box sizes are not rendered consistently
  • Auto update check could potentially freeze the UI
  • Asynchronous image loading not working properly
  • Application hangs during shutdown
  • Crash when updating game metadata
  • Crash when uninstalling Origin game
  • Crash when switching from Fullscreen mode to Desktop mode
  • Crash when starting game
  • Crash when starting application and another instance is already running
  • Crash when shutting down application
  • Crash when resizing Grid view
  • Crash when emulator Play action is removed
  • Crash when editing multiple games at once
  • Crash when assigning image to a game


  • Option to change application font
  • Option to set height of cover image on Details View
  • Option to set icon size in Details View game list
  • Option to disable separators between panels
  • bsnes, Mesen-S, melonDS and higan emulator profiles (by darklinkpower)
  • Reicast emulator profile
  • Added new expandable variables
  • Theme update support for Toolbox utility
  • Disabled controller in Desktop mode (until it's properly implemented/fixed)