7 / 13-02-2020



Playnite is a open source video game library manager with support for 3rd party libraries like Steam, GOG, Origin, Battle.net and Uplay. While providing one unified interface for your games, it includes game emulation support, fullscreen mode, themes and much more.


Requires Windows 7+ and .NET Framework 4.6 


Most Recent Changes!

Binaries for this release are currently available on patreon only. Public release is scheduled on 27th.

* Xbox library integration
* Humble Bundle integration
* Option to auto-close 3rd party client after a game is closed
* Added game "Features" field
* Option to pull images from Google Image search when editing metadata
* Many improvements to extension SDK
* playnite:// URI scheme support
* Option to use new banner style backgrounds for Steam games metadata
* Option to update libraries in Fullscreen mode
* Option to start Epic games without the launcher
* Option to remove unused library game fields from Library Manager
* Option to darken covers of uninstalled games on Grid/Fullscreen view
* Option to add web links to extension manifests
* Keyboard shortcut (F6) to use Random game picker (by darklinkpower)
* Initial location of game executable file selection dialog is set to InstallDir
* Ignore uninstallers when importing executables
* Game variables can be used in game scripts
* Clicking on import error notification opens import settings
* Added quick edit button on game details view
* Ability to install extensions by dropping the extension archive file into main window
* Toolbox utility can generate plugins and scripts from templates
* Toolbox utility can pack script and plugin extensions into .pext files
* Steam VR games are properly labeled with VR features

* Twitch integration not working properly if Overwolf is installed
* Some keyboard shortcuts don't work properly
* Some games won't launch properly when using PowerShell game scripts
* Parts of UI are not themable
* List based game fields are not sorted in any particular order
* Grid view shows duplicated games if grouping is enabled
* Grid view doesn't work properly first time Playnite is started
* Game details view is not rendered properly in Fullscreen mode
* Favorite and Hidden states are not properly imported from Steam
* Emulator configuration UI doesn't work properly
* Crash when running games with garbage launcher/anticheat (like Zula)
* Crash when running game from mounted UNC drive
* Crash related to broken registry entries
* Controller buttons are too sensitive
* Bulk metadata download not working for some games
* Bad performance when using List view
* Authentication status is lost when signing into unrelated library
* Playnite fails to clean up temp files when assigning new game media
* Ignore color profile for game media to increase performance (by spektor56)
* Localization updates
* Various small improvements and fixes