0.43 / 09-08-2021






It's an experimental PS2 emulator with the goal of achieving the best accuracy. The current benefits are it doesn't need a BIOS since it's a high-level emulator, has easy configuration in regards to no custom settings to fix specific games, support for CHD disc images, straight forward design and a few others.

Windows 64-bi


Windows: Requires DirectX Runtime

Linux: None reported

Mac: None reported

Android: None reported

Most Recent Changes!

  • Merge pull request #742 from bigianb/rayman

  • Initialise stack to 0xFF. Required by ubisound.irx in rayman revolution due to it using some uninitialised stack space and assuming it to be non-zero.

  • implement QueryTotalFreeMemSize()

  • Code style fixes.

  • Add API_KEY macro.

  • Catch errors that might occur when obtaining game info.

  • Merge branch ‘master’ into shared_covers

  • Add generic game scanning code for mobile style UI.

  • Cleanup...

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