15 / 20-05-2019



PCem (short for PC Emulator) is an open-source, low-level PC emulator developed for Windows and Linux. It focuses on accurateemulation of PC hardware from the 1980's and 1990's and has a variety of operating systems that can be installed, which can then be used to launch programs. 

To run any program, an operating system needs to be installed in PCem first. It can emulate numerous 2D and 3D cards, early models of voodoo and even the S3 ViRGE, which no other emulator supports.




Most Recent Changes

  • New machines added - Commodore SL386SX-25, ECS 386/32, Goldstar GDC-212M, Hyundai Super-286TR, IBM PS/1 Model 2133 (EMEA 451), Itautec Infoway Multimidia, Samsung SPC-4620P, Leading Edge Model M

  • New graphics cards added - ATI EGA Wonder 800+, AVGA2, Cirrus Logic GD5428, IBM 1MB SVGA Adapter/A

  • New sound card added - Aztech Sound Galaxy Pro 16 AB (Washington)

  • New SCSI card added - IBM SCSI Adapter with Cache

  • Support FPU emulation on pre-486 machines

  • Numerous bug fixes

  • A few other bits and pieces