1.9.95.m9 / 04-02-2021



PCSX-Reloaded uses the PSEMU plugin interface to provide most functionality. It's currently integrated with PCSX-R via Pete's OpenGL v1.78 plugin and Tapeq's Tweak extension to Pete's OpenGL v2.9 plugin. PGXP (Parallel/Precision Geometry Transform Pipeline) is an enhancement for PlayStation emulation that produces high precision fully 3D geometry data that was not available on the original console hardware.

Features of this build:

High Precision Vertex Data (more stable geometry)
Reduced Triangle Culling (more detailed models)
Perspective Correct Texture Mapping (reduced texture distortion)

Note: It has a very capable Internal HLE BIOS that can run many games
without problems. That said, a real bios can improve compatibility, especially with certain games and with the use of memory cards.





Windows/Linux: 32-bit+

Most Recent Changes

  • Add harfbuzz include dir. Set preferred OpenGL provider to GLVND

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