0.9.0 / 11-05-2021






OxyROMon is a cross-platform opinionated CLI ROM organizer written in Rust. Like most ROM managers, it checks ROM files against known good databases. It is designed with archiving in mind, as such it only supports original and lossless ROM formats. Sorting can be done in regions mode, in so-called 1G1R mode, or both. Please check Git for more details.

Most Recent Changes

  • Use transactions for increased database performance

  • Add an optional GraphQL API and a basic web UI, behind the server feature

  • Store ROM files' actual size in database

  • Store system and game completion status in database

  • Store game sorting in database (all regions, one region, ignored)


  • Use a database connection pool

  • Fix importing archives with invalid files


  • Add a new download-dats subcommand

  • Use dialoguer for prompts

  • Support importing ISO compressed as CHD

  • Support converting between ISO and CHD

  • Support converting directly between supported formats (as opposed to having to revert to original beforehand)

  • Optionally print statistics after each conversion


  • Use shiratsu_naming to parse No-Intro names

  • Drop releases, we don't need them

  • Delete obsolete roms when importing updated dats and automatically reimport orphan romfiles

  • Move failed imports to the trash directories

  • Fix headered ROMs handling

  • Add a unique constraint to the settings::key column

  • Simplify discard settings, please refer to the new documentation

  • Remove the ability to delete a setting

  • Allow purge-roms to delete orphan romfiles

  • WARNING The internal region format is now TOSEC's, all DATs need to be reimported for this change to take effect.


  • Replace refinery with sqlx migrate

  • Add a check-roms subcommand


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