1.5.1 / 24-11-2019



Nostlan (formally Bottlenose) is a high quality front-end launcher for gaming emulators which supports Windows, Linux and MacOs. It's currently capable of launching more mainstream emulators with nice features and its future looks quite bright!

Current Features

  • unified UI for mouse/gamepad interaction
  • designed for UHD displays and projectors
  • checks multiple database sites for the highest quality box art
  • nostalgic UI themes for each supported console
  • fancy scroll direction alternation effect on rows in cover view mode
  • most controllers connect to Bottlenose automatically, no setup required including Xbox One, PS4 Dualshock, and Switch Pro controllers
  • gamecube controller adapter supported with gca-js
  • advanced customization: edit launch commands and change game art


Most Recent Changes

I may have released v1.4 too soon... sorry! 

There were some major problems that have now been fixed:

  • resetting games didn't work at all
  • after a game was launched for Cemu or RPCS3 it couldn't be launched again (without restarting Nostlan)
  • controller button mapping wasn't working as specified
  • when loading an emulator without a game the controller was not being disabled from interacting with Nostlan
  • fixed support for Yuzu
  • added melonDS support