1.7.3 / 17-02-2020



Nostlan (formally Bottlenose) is a high quality front-end launcher for gaming emulators which supports Windows, Linux and MacOs. It's currently capable of launching more mainstream emulators with nice features and its future looks quite bright!

Current Features

  • unified UI for mouse/gamepad interaction
  • designed for UHD displays and projectors
  • checks multiple database sites for the highest quality box art
  • nostalgic UI themes for each supported console
  • fancy scroll direction alternation effect on rows in cover view mode
  • most controllers connect to Bottlenose automatically, no setup required including Xbox One, PS4 Dualshock, and Switch Pro controllers
  • gamecube controller adapter supported with gca-js
  • advanced customization: edit launch commands and change game art


Most Recent Changes!

  • backup/sync all your save data to the cloud or local storage device!
  • support for Yuzu Early Access builds
  • custom theming (coming soon)

New Premium Feature: Cloud Save Sync!

If you support Nostlan on Patreon for just $1/month you can access this new premium feature!

Nostlan can automatically sync all of your emulator game saves and save states to a folder in your Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. so you can play across multiple devices without losing in-game progress! This feature has never been implemented in an emulator launcher before. I've been working on it for a while and I'm really excited that people will finally be able to use it!

How it works

Nostlan will prompt you to choose where you want your save sync folder to go. If for example you choose D:/Dropbox, Nostlan will create a new folder D:/Dropbox/nostlan_saves in your Dropbox. Saves will be stored in this format nostlan_saves/{timestamp}/{folder index}. Do not delete or modify any of the files in nostlan_saves!

Backing up save data

Quitting Nostlan or pressing backup saves in the pause menu will upload/backup your local save data (ONLY for the current game library being viewed) to your Nostlan save sync folder.

Sync progress between multiple devices

Starting Nostlan, loading a game library, or pressing update saves in the pause menu will update your local game saves (ONLY for the current game library being viewed) if there's newer save data that was uploaded by another device to your save sync folder. WARNING if you don't backup your progress when you finish gaming on one device it's possible to overwrite that progress after you upload save data from another device. Use of this feature is at your own risk. I've tested this feature and it works perfectly though.

Sync progress from your Android to your PC

WARNING I don't own an Android and haven't tried this myself. I'm pretty sure this is how it would work but let me know. If you make progress on a mobile device, like an Android, that will make changes directly to the saves in your nostlan_saves folder, your saves on your PC won't be automatically updated because Nostlan looks for an increase in the timestamp number on the folder those saves are in. You can force Nostlan to pull those changes from the save sync folder by using update saves in the pause menu.