0.9.8 / 24-06-2019



Mesen is a high-accuracy NES and Famicom emulator and NSF player for Windows and Linux.



  • High Accuracy: A lot of effort has gone into making Mesen as accurate as possible.

  • High Compatibility: Over 290 mappers supported (all licensed games supported)

  • NES, Famicom, Famicom Disk System, Dendy, VS System, NSF and NSFe emulation is supported.

  • General: Save States, Rewinding, Movie/Audio Recording, Overclocking, Cheat Codes.

  • Video: Numerous video filters, customizable palettes/overscan, support for HDNes' HD packs.

  • Audio: Stereo effects, per-channel volume and panning, equalizer, etc.

  • Misc: Netplay, 7z/zip support, IPS/BPS patch support, automatic updates, and more!


Windows: Vista+ (DirectX 11 / NET Framework 4.5+)

Linux: glibc 2.24+ / Mono 4.2.1+ / SDL 2

Warning: Save states created with version 0.9.7 (or older) will no longer work in 0.9.8.

New Features

  • Debugger: General improvements as well as new features/tools (and bug fixes.)

  • NSF: Allow rewinding during NSF file playback and fixed an initilization problem with VRC6 audio.

  • History Viewer: Added a few new features and options, including allowing it to be used with NSF files.

  • Video: Added support for 512-color palette files (for color bit emphasis.)

  • Input: Added options to configure the deadzone size for analog sticks and to hide the mouse cursor when using a zapper.

  • Dip switches: Dip switches can now be configured for all cartridges that use them (instead of being limited to VS System games.)

Bug Fixes

  • APU: Fixed frame counter bug that caused audio to sometimes be paced slightly incorrectly.

  • APU: Fixed DMC power on state to match hardware test results.

  • PPU: Prevent palette updates during horizontal blank when rendering is enabled (to match expected hardware behavior.)

  • Namco 163: Fixed problems with battery save data.

  • Bandai FCG: Added support for EEPROM save data.

  • MMC5: Fixed incorrect attribute data when using fill mode.

  • VRC7: Updated audio instrument values to match the values recently dumped from hardware.

  • AOROM: Fixed power on mirroring state.

  • Misc: Fixed minor bugs in a variety of mappers (including mappers 112, 176, 320 and UNROM512.)