0.9.1 / 03-02-2021






Mednaffe is a front-end (GUI) for mednafen emulator and it's written in C. This GUI has all sorts of features and even incorporates an inputter maper. It's available for Linux and Windows.

Bear in mind, it needs to have GTK 3 installed.

Most Recent Changes

Updated checksum and compatibility lists.

  • Complete rewrite, dropping support for GTK2 and Windows XP.

  • Almost all input options are included now.

  • Added pce_fast and snes_faust modules.

  • Added an option to show screenshots.

  • Added the ability to send custom commands to emulator.

  • Added a bios check widget.

  • [Windows] Added an option to change themes.

  • New logo & cosmetic changes.

  • [Windows] Fixed left trigger not working using XInput controllers
    (Thanks to Pcegames for report and testing).

  • [Windows] Fix to accept up/right D-Pad inputs in controller setup on
    some conditions (Thanks to SatoXa for report and testing).

  • [Linux] Use the 'MEDNAFEN_HOME' environment variable when
    it is set (Patch by denisfa).

  • Some minor fixes.