1.27.0-UNSTABLE / 01-04-2021



My Emulator Doesn't Need A Frickin' Excellent Name is an open-source, multi-system emulator, driven from the command-line, OpenGL and SDL. Its Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo Virtual Boy, and NEC PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) original cores are recognized for their high quality, compatibility and accuracy.

There are several front-ends available, if you don't know how to execute via command-line:

For CRT screens, you can try emu4crt since this mod is intended for ~15kHz TVs or arcade monitors. Check it out here.





Windows: 7+ (64-bit is recommended; for better performance and functionality)

Linux: Please follow their instructions on provided homepage to build from source.

Most Recent Changes

With this release, there is now a special non-Unicode Windows 98-compatible build available. This special Windows 98 build will not be provided for every release, and may be discontinued entirely if it becomes too much of a pain. The minimum CPU requirement is i686-class with MMX, e.g. Intel Pentium II, AMD K7(Athlon), and VIA C3 Nehemiah, though the PS1 emulation module also requires SSE2 for MDEC emulation.

Notable changes since 1.26.1

  • Added support for 16bpp graphics output to the majority of emulation modules(excluding "pce", "pcfx", "psx", "snes", "ss", and "vb"). Using this support with OpenGL can be done by setting the video.glformat setting appropriately, which *may* result in a small performance boost on scary dinosaur toasters and underpowered ARM SBCs.

  • Rewrote the save state preview image resizing code, such that it no longer makes Saturn mesh transparency look horrendous.

  • Dropped usage of and dependency on libsndfile, and added a direct dependency on libFLAC. The only CD image audio file formats/encodings other than raw supported now are: FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Musepack, and uncompressed PCM in AIFF/AIFC, AU/SND, W64, and WAV.

  • Each Mednafen data directory created on startup will now be based on the current value of the corresponding filesys.path_* setting, rather than the default value, except when the current value of the corresponding filesys.fname_* setting is different from its default, in which case the directory will not be created at all.

  • Added manual physical game controller hotplugging support, by pressing SHIFT+F3 to rescan and reinitialize the controllers.

  • Changed netplay/cheat console key combos for navigating to the beginning and end of the scrollback buffer to CTRL+Home and CTRL+End, respectively(previously SHIFT+Home and SHIFT+End).

  • Added netplay/cheat console key combos CTRL+Backspace and CTRL+Delete for quickly clearing the prompt text entry buffer.

  • PS1: Fixed hangs at different points in some versions of "Tomb Raider", a problem initially fixed in, but regressed in 1.22.0-UNSTABLE.

  • PS1: Fixed missing FMV audio in "Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Musical".

  • SNES-Faust: Fixed hangs in "Derby Stallion 96", "Hakunetsu Pro Yakyuu: Ganba League", "Ihatov Monogatari", "Kentou Ou World Champion", "Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei", "Sound Novel Tsukuru", "Super Professional Baseball II", "Yuujin Janjuu Gakuen 2", and "Yuuyu no Quiz de Go! Go!".

  • SNES-Faust: Fixed missing sound in "Shougi Club".

  • SNES-Faust: Fixed saving in "Light Fantasy", "PGA Tour Golf", and "Ys III".

  • SS: Fixed major audio problems in "Lunar" during boss battles, due to the sound CPU crashing inaccurately during game bootup and corrupting SCSP DSP registers. Note that this fix will not affect existing save states made within the game.

  • Complet change log here


This release fixes compilation errors with clang, fixes compilation errors after configuring with --disable-debugger, fixes a few minor MSU1 handling bugs in the SNES-Faust module, and improves the accuracy of the PS1 SPU reverb emulation.


This release may have more Saturn-related regressions than usual.

  • SS: Fixed startup hang in the Europe releases of "Virtua Cop" and "Virtua Cop 2".

  • SS: Fixed startup hang in the USA release of "Independence Day".

  • SS: Fixed hang in "QuoVadis".

  • SS: Fixed hang in "Kidou Senkan Nadesico: Yappari Saigo wa Ai ga Katsu".

  • SS: Fixed crash/hang in "Hop Step Idol".

  • SS: Fixed startup abort to CD player screen in "Break Point" and "DJ Wars".

  • SS: Fixed hang of finite duration that sometimes occurred when trying to skip FMVs in "Dragon Force II" and "World Cup France '98: Road to Win".

  • SS: Fixed major sound glitches during gameplay in "Gunbird" after starting a game after exiting from the illustration gallery.

  • SS: Fixed dialogue voice audio being cut off prematurely in "Paneltia Story".

  • SS: Fixed missing graphics in the intro of "Magical Drop III".

  • SS: Fixed missing background layer graphics on disc 2 of "Mahjong Doukyuusei Special".

  • SS: Fixed glitchy ship sprite in the ending sequence of "Thunder Force III" in "Thunder Force Gold Pack 1".

  • SS: Fixed FMV tearing in "Ys II" of "Falcom Classics II".

  • SS: Fixed FMV tearing in "In the Hunt".

  • SS: Fixed minor FMV glitches in "3D Baseball", "The Crow", "NBA Action", "NFL Quarterback Club 96", "Solar Eclipse", and "Titan Wars".

  • SS: Fixed FMV glitches in "NFL Quarterback Club 97".

  • SS: Fixed FMV glitches in the Japan and USA releases of "Virtua Fighter Kids".

  • SS: Fixed intro FMV ending too soon in "Yu-No".

  • SS: Fixed glitchy frames on the Konami intro arm sprite in "Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You".

  • SS: Fixed graphical glitches on the save and load screens in "Horror Tour".

  • SS: Fixed glitchy rotation-zoom effect in "Corpse Killer".

  • SS: Fixed blank game over screen in "Doraemon: Nobita to Fukkatsu no Hoshi".

  • SS: Fixed glitches when character graphics change in "Mujintou Monogatari R: Futari no Love Love Island".

  • SS: Fixed character portrait graphical glitch after entering the character select screen in "Zero Divide".

  • SS: Further reduced graphical glitching in "Virtua Fighter Remix".

  • SS: Fixed most rock face graphical glitches in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park".

  • SS: Fixed most graphical glitches with the player's robot in "Wolf Fang SS: Kuuga 2001".

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