fe168e0 / 23-02-2021



m64p uses mupen64plus-gui front-end written in Qt5. It supports all things you’d expect from a frontend (savestate management, pausing, screenshots, etc.), netplay and comes bundled with either GLideN64 or Angrylion Plus for the graphics plugin.


Starting with a fresh config

If you’ve ever used any version of mupen64plus before, you might have a configuration file saved on your computer. I suggest starting with a fresh config if this is your first time here.

Go to Settings -> Core and Plugin Settings. At the bottom click on Reset All Settings.





Windows: 64-bit required

Linux: 64-bit required

Mac: 10.14+

Most Recent Changes

  • Just a small fix for Dinosaur Planet that was affecting the player's ability to hit enemies.

Previous Update Changes

  • Contains some improvements for Dinosaur Planet, a recently discovered prototype/beta ROM. Link to details Here

  • GLideN64 software vertex clipping, mostly an improvement for mobile devices, shouldn't make much of a difference on the desktop

  • 64DD save improvements

  • Improvement to the way mempaks are formatted (accuracy improvement)

  • Some minor setting improvements to some games

  • Updates to Angrylion 1.6

  • A few updates for GLideN64, including pixel coverage emulation support. It's off by default, there is a new option in the video settings if you want to try it out:

  • Netplay create/join dialogs will now show your ping to your selected server (you used to have to enter a waiting room before being able to see your ping). Credit to @joeldenning for this improvement.