0.12.5 / 26-01-2021



Ludo is a minimalist frontend  launcher for most non-GL libretro cores and is written in go. It offers certain quality of life features like browsing game collections categorized by system with playlists showing in-game screenshots wrapped in a minimalist design. Also provides contextual menu which give you access to actions including quick save and quick load.




Most Recent Changes

  • Disable memory protection on OSX

Previous Update Changes

  • Fix OpenAL DLL on Windows

  • Set default cores and icons for DS and PC-FX

  • Add Duckstation with core options support

  • Add melonDS

  • Add Mednafen PC-FX

  • Remove ChaiLove (missing from buildbot)

  • Fix an input bug

  • Enable atari800 (Atari 5200 emulator)

  • Add a setting to map analog stick to directional pad

  • Switch CI from travis to github actions

  • Enable more controller ports

  • Fix support for Mesen-S