6.3 / 15-10-2019



JoyToKey  enables PC game controllers to emulate the keyboard and mouse input, so that windows applications and web games can be controlled with your joysticks. Whenever buttons and sticks are pressed on the controllers, JoyToKey converts them into keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements so that the target application will work as if a real keyboard and a mouse were used.

Most Recent Changes!

  • Starting from this version, user configuration data will be by default stored in "JoyToKey" folder in user's "Documents" folder.
    In case you upgrade JoyToKey from an older version, please copy (or move) the old "JoyToKey" folder into your "Documents" folder so that you can continue to access your configuration data.
  • To be more friendly for new users,
    JoyToKey is packaged as an installer, instead of a zip file format
    Tab names in the button assignment window are made clearer (e.g. "Keyboard 2" -> "Keyboard (Multi)")
    UI layout for assigning the mouse cursor movement is made easier
  • Minor bug fixes