5.9 / 14-10-2020



iNes was the 2nd Nintendo Emulator System ever released (1996!) after Pasofami, but was the first to be truly easily usable. It also supports the GameGenie, Family BASIC Keyboard, FDS and the VS-System arcade system. iNES offers several graphic filters and even supports online gaming. It has since been ported to Unix, MacOS, MSDos, Windows, Symbian, PocketPC, etc. 





Windows: XP+

Linux: Ubuntu 

Android: 2.2+

Most Recent Changes

  • Refactored scaling and special effects framework.

  • Optimized scaling for large screens and windows.

  • Added simple CPU-based linear scaling algorithm.

  • Added file drag'n'drop support to iNES-Windows.

  • Added -linear command line option to iNES-Linux.

  • Added "Video | Interpolate Video | Linear Scaling" option to iNES-Windows.

  • Enabled "Video | Stretch Full Screen" option with effects enabled.

  • Enabled "Video | Force 4:3 Screen" option with effects enabled.

The complete list of features and the list of new features and fixes can be found in the documentation