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GroovyMAME is a fork of MAME aimed at CRT monitors, with a strong focus on CRT preservation since they argue its the only display technology that accurately replicates the genuine video game experience. However you can use GroovyMAME to alleviate some of the annoyances associated to emulation on LCD displays, specially for models that are capable of refreshing at custom rates.

GroovyMAME's main features:

- Improved video and audio synchronization that achieves truly smooth scrolling, tearing-free video and hiccup-free audio.
- Automatic generation of custom video timings for CRT monitors.
- Reduced input latency

While the improved synchronization feature is system independent, you are going to need special hardware and software setups in order to get the full experience. For more information, follow this link




Windows: XP+ (7+ recommended)


CPU: Intel Core series CPU or equivalent, at least 2.0 GHz
GPU: modern card with Direct3D 9.0c+ / OpenGL 


Most Recent Changes

  • sync with mame v0.225

  • (github) Added script for automatic builds (Substring).

  • Re-added -black_frame_insertion features from v0.017q, that had been accidentally removed

  • (Linux) Hide v-sync offset slider (not implemented yet)