3.3.0 / 14-02-2021



Gearboy is an open-source Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator written in C++. It's not the most accurate, but runs on iOS, Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows, Linux and RetroArch.





Windows: 32-bit (Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable required)

Linux: nothing in particualr mentionned

Mac:via brew install gearboy

Most Recent Changes

All platforms

  • Many performance improvements.
    Several bug fixes.

Windows and Linux (standalone)

  • Portable Mode. Create a file named portable.ini in the same directory as the application binary.

Windows (standalone)

  • Added missing dependencies for building with VisualStudio.

RetroArch (libretro)

  • Remove usage of obsolete Cell SDK in favor of the PSL1GHT SDK.

Previous Update Changes

All platforms

  • Improved sprite accuracy in CGB mode.
    Improved memory usage.
    Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed crashes due to heavy usage of memory in low memory platforms.