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2.1 / 16-02-2023





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Flycast is a SEGA Dreamcast, NAOMI and AtomisWave emulator, forked from reicast, and made by flyinghead. It can emulate the standard Dreamcast controllers, Keyboard, Mouse, Light-Gun (with your mouse), Twin Sticks, and even the ASCII Mission Stick Emulating two expansion sockets per controller. Also has widescreen (Rendering outside of screen), texture upscaling, frame skipping dump textures and load custom textures. A Dreamcast BIOS file is optional, but NAOMI and Atomiswave BIOS files are required. It's also able to connect to Dreamcast Live fan servers. 

Current game support are the following:

  • SEGA Dreamcast games (CHD, CDI, GDI, CUE) including games based on Windows CE

  • SEGA NAOMI games (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst)

  • SEGA NAOMI GD-ROM games (.zip, .7z, .dat/.lst and .chd)

  • Sammy Atomiswave games (.zip, .7z)

Noteworthy forks

  • Flycast Dojo is derived from Reicast, with a focus on netplay features and replay.


Windows: 64-bit only

Mac: Nothing mentioned

Linux: Nothing mentioned 

GPU: Supports OpenGL 3.0 or Open GL ES 2.0. 


  • Full framebuffer emulation (Densha de Go 2, homebrew)

  • Linux AppImage builds

  • Automatic crash reporting with Sentry

  • Broadcast arcade digital outputs (lights, force feedback) over the network

  • Android keyboard support

  • Various GDB fixes and improvements, CPU graphs, Profiler by @BigEvilCorporation in #832

  • Texture Upscaling for iOS by @vkedwardli in #805

  • And many, many, many bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Naomi 2 support

  • Card reader emulation (Initial D)

  • Better Naomi networking. Network support for club kart, initial D, king of route 66

  • Maximum Speed cabinet linking emulation

  • Auto configuration of Naomi EEPROM (region, cabinet type, free play, etc.)

  • Naomi widescreen cheats

  • macOS: breakpad support

  • Native Depth Interpolation - option fixes many rendering issues with AMD GPUs


  • GGPO netplay

  • UWP/Xbox support

  • New DirectX 11 renderer

  • New & improved input configuration, per-game inputs

  • Single-threaded mode

  • Lua bindings

  • VMU beep support

  • GameShark cheat codes

  • Vulkan support on macOS

  • Support for 120+ Hz monitors (Vulkan, DX9, DX11)


iOS, Nintendo Switch, Libretro core

  • iOS support

  • Nintendo Switch support

  • New Libretro core

  • DirectX 9: Support for VSync

  • Open GL: Support for high refresh rate monitors (120+ Hz)

  • Support for Windows CE games on 32-bit ARM platforms

  • Crash reporting system (breakpad)


DirectX9, RawInput and Apple Silicon

  • (windows) New DirectX9 renderer

  • (windows) RawInput driver for multiple lightguns, mice and keyboards

  • Savestate slots. Auto-load/save state at startup/exit

  • Separate dreamcast/arcade control mapping profiles

  • (macOS) Native Apple Silicon build. Better fast forward. VSync support.

  • (android) UI touch improvements

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  • maple: better vmu I/O error handling

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