2.9.12dev / 17-05-2019



It's a port of WinUAE designed to run on Windows, MacOS and Linux featuring a new on-screen GUI and cross-platform online play. Noteworthy features include video synchronization and scaling, OpenRetro Game Database, Cross-Platform Online Play, Flexible Screenshot Support, WHDLoad support and much more. 





Windows: XP+ 32-bit / 64-bit

Linux: Couldn't find it even if they mentioned supporting it

Mac: Couldn't find it even if they mentioned supporting it

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher:

  • Linux: Automatically uses Feral GameMode daemon if available.

  • New option game_mode = 0 to disable above mentioned feature.

  • Linux: Warn if running with a CPU governor other than performance.

  • New option governor_warning = to to disable above mentioned warning.

  • Fixed support for multiple mice also on Windows.

  • Change default for bezel option to 0 (off)/

Changes in FS-UAE Launcher:

  • Plugins can provide files for offline use (WHDLoad, JST, SKick, etc).

  • Use newer version of uae-configuration, OSEmu.400.

  • Added support for .xz-compressed files.

  • GUI options to toggle game mode / governor warning on Linux.

  • Fixed recently introduced bug when downloading files via cache.