0.15 / 03-09-2020



Dolwin is an open-source Nintendo GameCube emulator which initially started development in 2004. It went into hiatous but is now active. With that in mind, it's not the most advanced but has interesting features and is able to boot and run some commercial games and demos.

  • Emulation requires DSP IROM / DROM dumps

  • A BIOS image dump is not required, but if you want to experiment with it, you can also add it in the settings. The BIOS is launched through the menu File -> Run Bootrom. Then you need to wait a bit and open the drive cover (File -> Swap Disk -> Open Cover). After that, IPL Menu will start :p





Build using Visual Studio 2019.  To build, open Dolwin.sln and click Build.

The executable will be at the root (Dolwin.exe).

CPU: Desirable that your processor contains 4 cores+


Most Recent Changes

In short, this release is a new, completely rewritten DSP core.

The release work was evenly spread over previous releases, but the bulk of the new DSP core was implemented in this version.

For example, Luigi's Mansion now comes to the forest scene.

PS. Also keep in mind that there is a nasty bug exists - after starting the game, you need to restart the emulator every time (Dolwin.exe)