2.63.2 / 19-04-2020

dgVoodoo 2


dgVoodoo 2 is a wrapper for old graphics API's on Windows Vista+. It's applied via Direct3D11 with different device types as wrapping output:

  • Hardware rendering at GPU feature level 10.1 (recommended)

  • Hardware rendering at GPU feature level 10.0 (there are some restrictions)

  • Software rendering through Microsoft WARP renderer

The API's it currently can wrap are:

  • Glide 2.11, Glide 2.45, Glide 3.1 and Glide 3.1 Napalm

  • DirectX 1-7 (all versions of DirectDraw and Direct3D up to version 7)

  • Direct3D 8.1

Starting with version 2.6, dynamic shader compiling is available for Glide API components. DirectX components have their own internal shader code generator.

To enable that, you need D3DCompiler_43.dll. Starting with 2.53 an updated compiler version, _47, is also supported.
See the readmes for more information.

You also need the 3Dfx splash dlls for Glide if you want 3Dfx splash screen or watermark (shameless plug) through dgVoodoo. 

You may also need D3DRM.dll (Direct3D Retained mode) for some games and demos. It's not part of the OS since Windows Vista.


Developer added a password to the file: shitgoogle

Most Recent Changes

  • New algorithm/resampling filters for image output

  • incremental updates