/ 14-11-2020



Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independant c64 & amiga emulator.

It also supports Dynamic Rate Control, Light Guns/Pens, GunStick, Mouse 1351, Mouse Neos, Paddles.





Windows: XP+

Most Recent Changes

  • fix TAPE emulation (broken in 1.0.9)

  • nice performance improvement

  • load follow-up disks via hotkey

  • map hotkeys for disk 1, 2, 3, ...

  • map disk 0 for reinserting boot disk

  • emulator guesses file name for requested disk and insert it

  • override guessing of file names by assigning disks in "Disk Swapper"

1.0.9 Update

  • runAhead

  • add faster scanline renderer (optional)

  • adequate for games with higher runAhead

  • inadequate for some demos, which depend on cycle renderer

  • emulate missing VIC-II models

  • improve SID emulation

  • multiple filter models

  • pseudo stereo

  • 8x SID support

  • DSP: Bass Boost and Reverb

  • write audio output to WAV file

  • PRG can be loaded as D64

  • performance improvements