0.20WIP8 / 02-05-2022






DSP is an open-source emulator which emulates multiple arcade machines, Spectrum, Phoenix, CPC, Colecovision and more..


Most Recent Changes


    +ROMs export
        -Fixed Sly Spy ROMs info (Thanks to Neville)
            +Added M1 raise signal (read opcode)
            +Added HD63701Y0 CPU
            +Fixed internal read/write registers
            +Fixed opcodes BHI and BLS (ouch!)
            +Added opcode RORA

-Amstrad CPC
    +Speed up video
   +Dandanator added initial support
-Black Tiger
    +Fixed MCU CPU clock
   +Added video HW specs
    +Fixed main CPU clock
   +Added video HW specs
-Ghost'n Goblins
   +Added video HW specs
-Gun.Smoke HW
   +Added video HW specs
-The Legend of Kage
   +Rewrited video driver
        -Fixed proirity BG/FG/Sprites
        -Fixed disable screen
-Outrun (Thanks to Neville)
    +Fixed palette
    +Fixed shadows
-Senjyo HW (called StarForce before)
    +Fixed video buffer
   +Added BG stripe and radar
   +Added char flip
   +Added Senjyo driver with sound
   +Added Baluba-louk no Densetsu driver with sound
-Super Dodgeball
   +Added driver with sound
-Sega System 16A HW (Thanks to Neville)
    +Fixed palette
    +Fixed shadows
-Sega System 16B HW (Thanks to Neville)
    +Fixed palette
    +Fixed shadows


    +Simplified drivers initialization
    +Deco BAC06
        -Added video buffer
        -Fixed sprite RAM size
        -Fixed row & col scroll
        -Now you can specify the source file (fixes sample load from 'New Rally X')
            +Added opcode 'ror.w' (fixes E-Swat)
            +Fixed opcodes LSR, ROR, LSRD, ASLD, DAA, BHI and BLS
            +Fixed flags from RTI (Fixes 'Knockle Joe')
-Act Fancer
    +Updated ROMs
    +Fixed Sound CPU clock
-Deco 0 HW
    +Fixed many graphics issues
    +Changed FPS, adjusted lines
        -Sly Spy: Added driver with sound
        -Bouder Dash I/II: Added driver with sound
-Epos HW
    +The Glob: Added dip switches
    +Superglob: Added dip switches
    +Fixed CPU clock
    +Fixed scroll
    +Updated ROMs names
    +Added dip switches
    +Fixed CPU NMI
-Route 16 HW
    +Fixed DAC reset
-Slapfigth HW
    +Removed sprites buffer
    +Added dip switches and P2 controls
    +Fixed video lines
    +Fixed IRQ generation
    +Fixed CPU memory map
    +Added sound CPU reset
    +Fixed YM2203 init
-Twin Cobra HW
    +Added dip switches


Happy 20th aniversary!

More than 200.000 code lines
More than 300 arcade games
10 8bits computers
8 home consoles
19 CPUs emulated
29 sound chips

  • General
        +Updated SDL library to 2.0.20
        +Analog control: Addded selection of X or Y axis inverted
        +Started a new driver

  • Mr Do!
        +Fixed colors
        +Added dipswitch

  • Crystal Castles: Added driver with sound

  • Flower: Added driver with sound

  • Mr Do Castle Hardware
        +Mr Do Castle: Added driver with sound
        +Do! Run Run: Added driver with sound
        +Mr Do Wild Ride: Added driver with sound
        +Jumping Jack: Added driver with sound
        +Kick Rider: Added driver with sound
        +Indoor Soccer: Added driver with sound


  • General
                +Added I8042 CPU type
                +Fixed IRQs
                +Added opcodes $02,$08,$22,$35,$40,$41,$60,$61,$65,$86,$89,$8a,$90,$c7 and $d6
                +Fixed opcodes $10,$11 and $57

  • Sega GameGear
        +Added Master System video compatibility
        +Added CodeMasters Mapper extra RAM

  • NinjaKid II HW
        +Added dipswitches
        +NinjaKid II: Added PCM sound
        +Atomic RoboKid: Added driver with sound

  • StarForce
        +Updated ROMs names

  • Sega System 16a
        +Added PCM sound

  • The New Zealand Story HW
        +Extermination: Added driver with sound


  • General
        +Seta Sprites: Added new device
                +Added M65CE02 CPU type. Added many specific opcodes
        +Lens Lock
            -Fixed Amstrad decode mode
        +Seta X1-010
            -Added new sound device

  • Spectrum
        +Spectrum 16K/48K fixed screen timings

  • Dec0 HW
        +Super Real Darwin: Inverted coin input

  • Karate Champ
        +Added driver with sound

  • Pacman HW
        +Enhance IRQs
        +Ms Pac Man Twin
            -Added driver with sound

  • Renegade
        +Fixed dipswitches

  • Seta HW
            -Added driver with sound
        +Twin Eagle
            -Added driver with sound
        +Thunder & Lightning
            -Added driver with sound

  • StarForce
        +Fixed X scroll in background

  • The New Zealand Story HW
        +Rewrited video system, now uses Seta Sprite device


  • General
        +Joystick: Some changes to enhance configuration
    -Commodore 64
        +Snapshots: Initial support for VSF (Vice Snapshot File)

  • Burguer Time HW
        +Code cleaning
        +Burguer Time: Update decryption, more speed
        +Lock'N'Chase: Added driver with sound
        +Minky Monkey: Added driver with sound

  • Mario Bros.
        +Added quick snapshots

  • Sega System 1/System 2
        +Fixed slowdowns and clean code
        +Added quick snapshots
        +Enhanced video buffer, more speed


  • General
                +Added sub CPU 7801
                +Added many opcodes, and fix others

  • Sega Master System
        +Fixed IRQ in SMS video mode (Fixes 'Nemesis', 'The Simpsons - Bart vs. the Space Mutants', etc)
        +Fixed memory initialization with value $f0 (Fixes 'Alibaba and 40 Thieves', 'Micro Xevious', etc)
        +Change palette of TMS video mode

  • Super Cassette Vision
        +Added preliminary console driver (to fix CPU 78XX and enhance Taito CChip!)

  • Toaplan 1
        +Added preliminary driver for the system
            -Hellfire: Basic driver


  • General
                +Add 4T when take an IRQ and comes from HALT

  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color
        +Fixed background/window/sprites prorities. Finally understood how it works and renders the screen and objects
        +Fixed window line draw (Fixes 'Star Trek', 'Marblemadness', 'International Karate' and many others)
        +Fixed stupid bug in Gamboy Color video RAM
        +Fixed Gameboy Color background color (Fixes 'Yoda Stories')
        +Fixed sprite/sprite priority
        +Fixed when LCD is disabled, LCD-stat is 0
        +DMA - Fixed data origin


  • General
        +Preview picture
            -Cosmetical changes: bigger with black background and scaled picture
            -Added picture to Spectrum Plus 2A, SG-1000 and GameGear. Split GameBoy and GameBoy color pictures

  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color
        +Better drawing priorities, still not perfect
        +Window: fixed priorities with sprites (Look at 'Prehistorik Man')
        +Fixed controls order reading (Fixes new version of 'Robocop' - Thanks to Neville)
        +Small fix to serial (Fixes 'Lunar Lander', 'Hyper Dunk' and many others)

  • Suna 8 HW
        +Hard Head 2
            -Fixed palette