0.18b3 WIP13 / 26-02-2021



DSP is an open-source emulator which emulates multiple arcade machines, Spectrum, Phoenix, CPC, Colecovision and more..





Most Recent Changes

  • General
                +clean the code
                +Fixed carry in opcodes $B8 to $BF
                +Fixed IRQs
        +ROMS export: Fixed many ROMs sets and added samples, again

  • Ajax: Fixed ROM names

  • Slap Fight: Fixed ROM names

  • Sega System 16B HW
        +Small fix to memory mapper
        +When using i8751, the M68000 don't have access to 315-5195
        +Removed i8751/M68000 hack
        +Added dipswitches
            -Golden Axe: Fixed remaining issues with i8751
            -Passing Shot: Added driver with sound, due the lack of FD1094 emulation using predecoded version
            -Aurail: Added driver with sound

Previous Update Changes

  • General
            -MCS51: Added halt line
        +ROMS export: Fixed many ROMs sets (Thanks to Francisco José Martí Terrón)

  • Commodore 64
        +Added PRG and T64 file support (added by chuso gar)

  • Sega System 16B HW
        +Fixed dipswitches
        +Fixed video cache
        +Fixed sprite colors
        +Added memory overlap
        +Added 315-5248 and 315-5250
        +Added more operations to 315-5195
            -Dynamite Dux: Added driver with sound
            -Golden Axe: Driver working, due problems with i8751/M68000 using predecoded version
            -ESwat - Cyber Police: Added driver with sound, due the lack of FD1094 emulation using predecoded version

  • General
            -MCS51: Added opcodes $45,$e2,$e3,$f2 and $f3
        +uPD7759: Added slave chip type

  • Sega System 16B HW
        +Added MCU, sound, sprites and controls
        +Fixed chars and tiles
            -Altered Beast: Driver with sound
            -Golden Axe: Initial driver

  • General
            -M68000: Fixed TAS opcode

  • Sega System 16B HW
        +Altered Beast: Initial driver

  • General
            -M6800: Added opcodes $56 and $fa

  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color
        +Better Y scroll
        +Better sprites/backgorund priorities

  • Baraduke HW
        +Baraduke: Added driver with sound
        +Moto-Cross: Added driver with sound

  • Namco System 86 HW
        +Rewrite sprite system
        +Removed video hacks
        +Added dipswitches
        +The Return of Ishtar: Added driver with sound
        +Genpei ToumaDen: Added driver with sound
        +Wonder Momo: Added driver with sound

  • Gameboy/Gameboy Color review
        +Fixed mapper MBC1
        +Added MBC1 collection version (fixes 'Bomberman Collection', 'Mortal Combat I&II', '4 in 1 Vol II', etc)
        +Fixed mapper MBC2
        +Added mapper MBC3
        +Added partial MBC7
        +Fixed cartridge load (fixes cartridges bigger than 4Mb)
        +Fixed cartridge default start values (fixes 'Dragon's Lair - The Legend' and many others)
        +Fixed OAM DMA, dont add aditional CPU cycles and dont draw sprites if its running
        +Fixed CGB DMA, change the counter values when running (fixes 'Turok - Rage Wars', 'Aliens - Thanatos Encounter' and many others)
        +Fixed CBG DMA start/stop info and cancel option (fixes 'Championship Motocross 2001' and others)
        +Fixed CGB sprite/BG priority (fixes graphis in '007 - The World is Not Enough' intro)
        +Fixed CBG sprite tranparency
        +Added sprite draw order (fixes 'Boy and His Blob, A - Rescue of Princess Blobette')
        +Added a basic serial IRQ (makes 'Mortal Kombat' run)
        +Added STAT IRQ blocking (makes 'Altered Space', 'Pinball Fantasies', 'Pinball Dreams' and many others run)
        +Fixed controls (fixes 'Konami GB Collection Volume 1')
        +Fixed BIOS disable... Ouch! Never gets enabled again after boot!

  • Blood Bros HW
        +Blood Bros.: Added driver with sound
        +Sky Smasher: Added driver with sound

  • Lazarus
        +More cosmetical changes
        +Fixed 'no sound' option

  • General
            -Z80: Fixed a stupid bug on IRQ

  • SNK
        +Fixed rotation buttons
        +ASO - Armored Scrum Object: Added driver with sound

  • Fire Trap
        +Added driver with sound


  • Lazarus
        +Cosmetical changes (icons, objects size...)
        +Fixed change screen size from options menu

  • Game & Watch
        +Finaly find a solution to compile under Lazarus

  • Amstrad CPC
        +You can load disks again... Opps!

  • Added macOS 64bits WIP compilation, tested on v10.15 and v11.0

  • NES
        +Changes on mapper 5, fixes PRG mapping

  • Tecmo HW
        +Fixed small bug on ADPCM
        +Fixed FPS
            -Fixed sound chip, it's a YM3812
            -Fixed Z80 clock

  • Sega VDP
        +Fixed IRQ generation

  • Sega GameGear
        +Added driver with sound
        +Added Codemasters mapper

  • Sega Master System
        +Added cart enable/disable
        +Driver stop and warning if no BIOS present

  • Armed F HW
        +Added driver for Crazy Climber 2
        +Added driver for Legion

  • SG-1000
        +Added two mappers. Almost 100% compatibility now

  • Armed F HW
        +Added Terra Force driver with sound

  • Armed F HW
        +Added Armed F driver with sound

  • General
        +TMS99XX: Fixed video mode 2

  • Coleco
        +Added Mega Cart support: ROM pagination
        +Added Super Game Module support: More RAM and AY8912
        +Added support for Boxxle and Black Onix (missing EEPROM)