2.1.1 / 16-05-2020



DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to use a PlayStation DualShock 4 on your PC by emulating a Xbox 360 controller. This project is actually a fork of the work of Jays2Kings, which can be found on the old project website at ds4windows


Most Recent Changes

  • Changed type of output report transmitted to DS4 in BT. Now use report type 0x15 (previously 0x11)

  • Added extra data transmission flag to output report

  • Changed thread affinity of hidDevice object. Link with initial high priority thread

  • Use a Dispatcher instance for managing the OutputSlotManager rather than Tasks

  • Changed how a running output slot queue is specified

  • Initial mouse offset refactors. Base mouse offset on percentage of full speed. Defaults to 0.500

  • Make button mouse offset a profile setting

  • Set MinWidth and MinHeight values for the main window. Contribution by dondrakon

  • Group some button mouse fields into a class. Reduces getter calls

  • Show minimum effective mouse speed in GUI

  • Put OS Info in log. Will be useful for debugging

  • Removed chance for a dead lock when stopping input controllers. Luckily I have never encountered it

  • Fixed a bug where a shiftKey macro accidentally saved HoldMacro and Macro status values. Contribution by mika-n

  • Fixed debug x86 project target by enabling the Allow Unsafe Code project setting. Contribution by mika-n