0.83.13beta / 16-04-2021



DOSBox-X is a free and cross-platform DOS emulator for running DOS games and programs. Started as a fork of the DOSBox project, it retains compatibility with the wide base of DOS games and DOS gaming DOSBox was designed for. But it's also a platform for running DOS applications, including emulating the environments to run Windows 3.x, 9x and ME and software written for those versions of Windows. DOSBox-X aims to be a complete DOS emulation package that is both fully-featured and easy to use, covering all pre-2000 DOS and Windows 9x based system scenarios. 

While they have made efforts to maintain and improve the emulation accuracy of the hardware and many more ways to configure the DOS virtual machine, they also try to strike a balance between emulation quality, speed, and usability, including improving the out-of-the-box experience for new users who want to run DOS programs or games, as well as implementing emulation that is accurate enough to make retro-programming possible with confidence the program will run properly on actual hardware.





Installation instructions available here

Primary Wiki is located here

Most Recent Changes

  • Mac OS X builds will prompt the user to select a
    folder at startup if run from the Finder (or from
    the root directory). The folder selected will then
    become the current working directory of DOSBox-X.
    This makes it possible to start DOSBox-X with a
    config file of your choice and to control where
    the capture, save states and other files go.

  • Fixed Tseng ET4000 640x480 256-color SVGA mode
    when using the ET4000.BIN VGA BIOS, or Windows 98.

  • Added segment limit checks in Normal core for
    needed for DOSBox-X to work with the Windows 3.1
    S3 86C928 display drivers that use segment limit
    exceptions to fake a linear framebuffer.

  • Added S3 XGA "byte swap" emulation, needed for
    correct menu/titlebar display in Windows 3.1 when
    using the S3 86C928 driver.

  • Added YUV (YUY2) overlay to S3 Trio64V+ card
    emulation. Tested with XingMPEG under Windows 3.1
    and ActiveMovie under Windows 98.

  • Added machine types for 5 different variations of
    S3 chipset: Vision864, Vision868, Trio32, Trio64,
    and (experimental) Trio64V+, ViRGE, ViRGE/VX, and
    S3 86C928.

  • Removed second PCI BAR for S3 MMIO register space.
    S3 datasheets do not show a second BAR. Windows 95
    is perfectly happy without it.

  • S3 SVGA XGA emulation BlitRect now supports
    COLOR_CMP. DirectX-based Windows 95 games are now
    able to blit in 256-color mode with a transparent
    color key value.

  • ANSI.SYS emulaion now supports the "Device Status
    Report" escape when asked through code 6 (report
    cursor position)

  • Fixed RAM mapping bugs related to MDA/CGA/Hercules
    emulation and the "allow more than 640kb" option,
    that failed to map RAM as expected, and because of
    that, easily triggered a "corrupt MCB chain" error

  • Worked around the mounting issue for disk or CD
    image files with LaunchBox, by allowing a mounting
    command-line with single quotes like IMGMOUNT D
    'X:\FILES\DOS.IMG' on Windows systems. (Wengier)

  • Restored Pentium MMX emulation code for the dynamic
    x86 core to that of version 0.83.11 for better
    compatibility with some Windows 9x games. (Wengier)

  • Added "compresssaveparts" config option (in the
    [dosbox] section) which when set to false will not
    compress the components in saved states. (Wengier)

  • When the current reported DOS version is less than
    7.x and the user tries to mount a LBA or FAT32 disk
    image, DOSBox-X will now show a message to ask if
    the user wants it to set the required DOS version
    automatically and proceed. (Wengier)

  • DOSBox-X will now show the folder mounted after
    mounting to a drive from the menu. (Wengier)

  • Fixed MOUNT and IMGMOUNT commands unable to mount
    directories or image files that contain non-ASCII
    characters in the code page on Windows. (Wengier)

  • Fixed the cycle information on the title bar when
    the Turbo mode is enabled. (Wengier)

  • Fixed that some games using the DOS4GW Extender
    may not work due to swap file issue. (Wengier)

  • Fixed that the clipboard copy and paste may not
    work when the current code page is 808 or 872
    and you are using Windows. (Wengier)

  • The command "MIXER /LISTMIDI" now lists the ROM
    directory/files and sound fonts for MT32, Synth
    and FluidSynth MIDI device when active. (Wengier)

  • Debugger "DOS XMS" command will only list handles
    that are allocated, or with nonzero address or
    nonzero size, to avoid showing irrelevant
    information. (joncampbell123)

  • Added LOADFIX -EMS option to allocate/free
    EMS (expanded memory). (joncampbell123)

  • LOADFIX -D -XMS will free all XMS blocks
    allocated by LOADFIX -XMS. (joncampbell123)

  • LOADFIX -A will not allocate memory unless there
    is memory below 64KB to fill. (joncampbell123)

  • INT 15h PS/2 mouse functions now clear pending
    PS/2 mouse interrupt as part of the BIOS call.
    This should resolve unresponsive mouse issues
    with Windows 3.1. (joncampbell123)

  • Add config option "mt32.model" in the [midi]
    section to force a MT-32 model to use. (Wengier)

  • Updated the MUNT MT-32 library to the latest
    version 2.5.0. (Wengier)

  • Updated FLAC decoder library to the latest version
    (0.12.29 by David Reid). (Wengier)

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