5.3 / 07-09-2020



ColEm is a open-source ColecoVision videogame console written in C language. It should run most ColecoVision games quite well due to AY8910 PSG, 24c08, 24c256 EEPROM emulation. It also supports SuperAction controllers with spin wheels and much more.




Windows: XP+

Linux: Ubuntu (portable source code available on their website)

Android: 2.2+

Most Recent Changes

  • System ROM files location now defaults to where executable is.

  • Refactored scaling and special effects framework.

  • Optimized scaling for large screens and windows.

  • Fixed ColEm-Windows behavior with multiple displays.

  • Added « File | Load .PAL Palette » option to ColEm-Windows.

  • Added « File | Load .CHT Cheats » option to ColEm-Windows.

  • Added « Video | Interpolate Video | Linear Scaling » option to ColEm-Windows.

  • Enabled « Video | Stretch Full Screen » option with effects enabled.

  • Enabled « Video | Force 4:3 Screen » option with effects enabled.

  • Renamed snapshot saving options in ColEm-Windows.