4.8 / 26-11-2019



ColEm is a portable C emulator of the old ColecoVision videogame console. It should run most ColecoVision games quite well and supports Coleco's SuperAction controllers with spin wheels.


Windows: XP+

Linux: Ubuntu (portable source code available on their website)

Android: 2.2+

Most Recent Changes!

The latest version, published on November 24 2019, fixes AY8910 PSG emulation used in SGM games. I have also fixed saving gameplay states in games with built-in SRAM.

Recent ColEm releases also added support for 2kB SRAM found in the Lord Of The Dungeon game, Super Game Module (SGM) emulation, 24c08 and 24c256 EEPROM emulation, and other modern features important to the homebrew community.