10.4 beta / 20-02-2021



Formally known as "HD Mode 7 mod, for bsnes", this is a fork of bsnes which adds HD video features such as HD Mode 7 (rendering the rotated or pseudo perspective backgrounds at higher resolutions), Widescreen Mode 7 (as well as widescreen for other backgrounds and sprites with significant limitations) and with much more to come!




Windows:  7+ 

Linux: 3.2+ 

Mac: 10.4+ 

FreeBSD: 10.0+

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Most Recent Changes


  • Fixed memory leak affecting every rendered frame (#70)

  • Widescreen sizes are now rounded to increments of 8 to avoid misalignments (#60)

  • Background color gradient smoothing now has a threshold to avoid blurring intended edges

  • Some release build system tweaks (partially from #57 by Margen67)

  • tweaked widescreen marker positions


  • Fixed loading of settings (#45, #53)

  • Default latency of WaveOut (the default audio on Windows) has been reduced to 128 (#58)

  • Linux and Mac releases are now .tar.bz2 compressed to preserve the execute permissions (#37, #41)

  • Mac releases now target macOS 10.14 (Mojave) (#40)

  • Included settings file is no longer empty, but contains default input and hotkey settings

  • The Windows and Linux packages now include the Super Metroid widescreen patch by ocesse as well as some sample setting overrides (partially by @wojpawlik)


  • The core is back on the auto updater (by libretro team and community) (#56)

  • The core is now also available for some systems as part of releases

  • The "HD Windowing (experimental)" setting is now applied properly (#55)

  • Support for GB/GBC roms in archives, Satellaview and MSU-1 SGB (by KickMeElmo in #69 (#46))

Setting overrides

  • The 4 "widescreen background" settings now allow specifying a line from which on up/downwards the background is widescreen as well as specifying cropping modes

  • "WideScreen Marker" setting can now be set via 'm'

  • "Mode 7 Perspective Correction" setting can now be set via 'P'

  • "Overclock CPU" setting can now be set via 'O'

  • Overrides are now properly removed when switching games and not accidentially saves in settings

  • The '%'-character can now be used in override files to switch to and from comments

  • Mac builds (standalone and libretro core) are now available on release, using a new build system (Thanks to Margen67) [#11]

  • Added a first simple version of per-ROM setting override files (see readme for details) [#7]

  • Fixed gamma formula and general color conversion and also changed default gamma value from 150 to 100 [#31]

  • "aspect correction" is now consistently disabled by default and also renamed to "pixel aspect correction" for clarity [#33]

  • Improved previous workaround for non-hires backgrounds in hires-scenes, e.g. Kirby's Dreamland 3 (keeping the improvements to pseudo transparency, but eliminating the new vertical combing that originally introduced) [#10]

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