10.1 / 03-10-2021

BlueMaxima's Flashpoint





BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is mainly a webgame preservation collection project. It has saved more than 90,000 games and 10,000 animations running on 33 different platforms. It currently covers the following, but not limited to:

  • Flash

  • 3D Groove GX

  • 3DVIA Player

  • ActiveX

  • Authorware

  • GoBit

  • HTML5

  • Hypercosm

  • Java

  • PopCap Plugin

  • Shiva3D

  • Shockwave

  • Silverlight

  • Unity

  • Viscape

  • Vitalize

  • much more!

There are 2 versions available

Flashpoint Ultimate

  • Download every game in one big file (450GB download / 500GB extracted) and thus no internet connection required afterwards

Flashpoint Infinity

  • Download the basic application (500MB download / 2GB extracted) and get the games on-the-go (requires internet connection to use)


  • A copy of the Flashpoint launcher that is tailored specifically to project contributors. Contains only example entries for each platform as well as helpful tools for curation. If you're interested in adding games and animations to Flashpoint, please read the curation tutorial.


  • Kahvibreak is a collection of Java 2 Micro Edition mobile phone games, presented using the Flashpoint Launcher and emulated via the J2ME emulators KEmulator and FreeJ2ME. 


Windows: 7+

For setup and troubleshooting info, please refer to the manual

Most Recent Changes


  • Couldn't find the exact details, but basically added 20k new games/animations, 2 new plugins supported and more.


  • Added support for many new plugins:
    * AXEL Player
    * Adobe Atmosphere
    * Alambik
    * AnimaFlex
    * Cult3D
    * DeepV
    * Hyper-G
    * LiveMath
    * Octree View
    * Play3D
    * ProtoPlay
    * REBOL
    * Xara Plugin

  • All new games are zipped by default, and many games previously in Flashpoint have been zipped. This results in the file count of this version being significantly lower than 9.0.

  • Updated the launcher to support Tag Filters and fix bugs.

  • Updated the Flashpoint Secure Player to support arrow keys better on certain titles.

  • Added the Flashpoint Super Hall of Fame playlist, an amalgamation of the micro-playlists, regular Hall of Fame, and other assorted recommendations, to serve as a new one-stop shop for new users of Flashpoint.

  • As such, the old Hall of Fame and most of the micro-playlists have been retired.

  • Added three new themes - Light, Steel Blue and Red Velvet.

  • Many games updated with one or two missing files.

  • The usual thousands of metadata fixes.

  • Check here for the complete update list of Games! 

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