8.2 / 27-08-2020

BlueMaxima's Flashpoint


BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is a preservation collection of games which were usually only playable via a web browser. It has over 50,000 games saved since its inception and covers the following types of games:

  • Flash

  • 3D Groove GX

  • 3DVIA Player

  • ActiveX

  • Authorware

  • GoBit

  • HTML5

  • Hypercosm

  • Java

  • PopCap Plugin

  • Shiva3D

  • Shockwave

  • Silverlight

  • Unity

  • Viscape

  • Vitalize

There are 2 versions available

Flashpoint Ultimate

  • Download every game in one big file (320GB+) and thus no internet connection required afterwards

Flashpoint Infinity

  • Download the basic application (1.7GB) and get the games on-the-go (requires internet connection to use)




Windows: 7+

Advanced Downloable Options

Flashpoint Updater - github

  • A nifty program that updates only Flashpoint Ultimate to a newer version. Can be used to create a full copy of Ultimate by setting it to an empty directory.

Most Recent Changes

"Approaching Planet Nine" - It's quite big..!

  • Check here for the complete update list of Games!