0.6.2 / 28-03-2019



BlastEm aims for cycle accuracy while also hitting lower system requirements than similar emulators. It has substantially higher compatibility than Exodus but falls short of Genesis Plus GX. Commercial game compatibility is close to, but not quite at, 100%. It is the only emulator other than Exodus that can properly display direct color DMA demos and to pass all of the tests in Nemesis' VDP FIFO Testing ROM.




Development-builds available: Nightly builds available 


Windows: Doesn't mention minimum (32 or 64-bit x86 processor)

Linux: Likewise (32 or 64-bit x86 processor)

Mac: (OSX+ 32 or 64-bit x86 processor)

Requires: SDL2, GLEW and OpenGL

Most Recent Changes!

New Features

  • Zipped and gzipped SMD ROMs are now supported

  • Gain control for overall volume and FM/PSG invidually


Accuracy/Completeness Improvements

  • Fixed timing of a few instructions in Z80 core

  • Added optional emulation of YM2612 imperfections (aka "ladder effect")

  • Fixed some unintentional extra precision in some FM LFO calculations

  • Added a 1 sample delay in some FM operator results when used as modulators to match hardware



  • Fixed regression in NBA JAM TE and possibly other 32MBit Acclaim mapper titles

  • Added code to handle controllers that have their d-pads mapped as buttons or axes

  • Removed some problematic SDL2 game controller mappings

  • Fixed crash that occurred when releasing mouse too clickly when loading a ROM

  • Fixed SMD ROM support

  • Fixed handling of audio contexts with more or less than 2 channels

  • Fixed off-by-one error in IO device selection UI

  • Fixed regression in GDB remote debugging support on Linux and OS X


Other Changes

  • MegaWiFi hardware can now be enabled by a header string (still gated by config)

  • Tweaked the style of checkboxes in the Nuklear UI to hopefully make the on/off state more clear

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