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2.9-rc2 / 07-12-2022





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BizHawk is a multi-platform emulator written in C# which focuses on core accuracy and power user tools. Its main features are TASVideo (Tool-Assisted Speedrunners) for full recording and debugging tools as well as Lua scripting. The consoles covered include but are not limited to Apple II, Atari 2600/7800, ColecoVision, DOS, Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy, MSX, Nintendo Entertainement System, Super Nintendo, Gameboy/Color, Sega Master, Sega Genesis, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, Sega GameGear,  ZX Spectrum, Atari 2600/7800, Commodore 64 and a few more!


Windows: 7+ 

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1, Visual C++ Redists (2010 SP1, 2012, 2015) & Direct3D 9 required.

  • They provide a pre-requisite package

Linux: As stated by the authors, support is a work-in-progress

Most Recent Changes


  • 2.9 will see Ares64 graduate from experimental, including Ares64's N64DD emulation, the merge of the MAME experiment, new cores for Atari Jaguar/Jaguar CD and TIC-80, and a subframe-capable BSNES.
    It will also replace the two old Lua engines with a new one using KeraLua, meaning the features of Lua 5.2 through 5.4 such as integers will be available.

  • Please check here for changes


This release sees BSNESv115+ and MSXHawk graduate from experimental, and the addition of 5(!) new cores emulating GB/C, N64, PSX, and TI-83.

Misc. changes to EmuHawk

  • fixed various bugs with the Paths config dialog

  • fixed "Close and reload ROM" in Firmware Manager crashing if it was opened from missing FW dialog (#3054)

  • fixed hotkeys triggering accidentally when typing in Virtual Pad fields (#3087)

  • fixed typos which broke INTV, NES, and PSX gamedb lookups

  • fixed known good Saturn BIOS choices marked as unknown (#3095)

  • updated list of Sega CD / Mega CD BIOSes in firmware database

  • many gamedb additions and updates

  • fixed RAM Search difference fields can't fit all possible values (#3117)

  • fixed `File` > `Load State` > `Auto-load Last Slot` breaking movie recording/playback (#2384)

  • fixed .dsm importer

  • fixed .smv importer nagging about core choice thousands of times (#3022)

  • fixed .vbm importer

  • made OSD message duratin (time to fade) 

  • configurable in UI, and allow API calls to override it

  • added option to split RAM Watch entries (#1024)

  • fixed drag+drop bug (#1483)

  • made `Config` > `Customize...` > `Pause when menu activated` behave consistently

  • fixed overlapping UI elements in Debugger (#3026)

  • tidied up numbering of save slots and TAStudio branches (#3112)

  • fixed `ObjectDisposedException` when triggering single-instance passthrough

  • fixed throttle edge cases

  • fixed edge cases where post-frame tool updates would run twice after a frame advance
    added more logging and warning dialogs for edge cases
    many smaller fixes and even some frontend speed optimisations (not sarcasm, this is a first)

Linux port

  • added support for PSX (see Nymashock below) and technically N64 and TI-83 (see Ares64 and Emu83 below)

  • fixed various problems w/ alignment and size under Mono

  • added Nix expression for reproducible EmuHawk (and DiscoHawk) builds without dependency issues


  • re-enabled editing of movie comments (#3063)
    added an edit dialog for TAStudio palette (#2119)

  • fixed branch screenshots (#1513)

  • fixed weird edge case putting TAStudio in an unaccounted-for state (#3066)

  • fixed error when autoloading a rom and TAStudio AND a .tasproj for a different rom

  • fixed incorrect behaviour when jumping to frame 0


  • added support for `"#RRGGBB"` format when parsing colours ("luacolor" in docs) in Lua API

  • fixed `joypad.setfrommnemonicstr` not working without reinitialising MovieSession (#2525)


  • fixed deadlocks (#3128)

  • New and graduating cores

  • Nymashock:new PSX core ported from Mednafen (like Octoshock, though this is newer and more easily updated, which also means it has more peripherals)


  • new ported GB/C core with comparable accuracy to Gambatte and GBHawk (not to be confused with the SameBoy SGB core in older releases)


  • new TI-83 core


  • BSNESv115+ (the "new BSNES port") is no longer experimental

  • fixed Hex Editor and others using read instead of peek (#3060)

  • implemented memory callbacks

  • fixed ram and rom memory domains

  • increased MmapHeapSize to prevent crashes, affected 

Star Ocean

  • refactored latching to improve dumping/verification

  • reduced savestate size (increased frequency for

  • TAStudio/rewind)

  • improved speed of fast ppu check


  • MSXHawk is no longer experimental

  • implemented more hardware/mappers

  • added Linux port


  • 2 new experimental cores ported from Ares: one for casual play which is slow and desync-prone ("Performance"), and one for TASing which is even slower but will sync ("Accuracy")

Other cores:

  • fixed nondeterminism caused by incorrect savestate code

  • fixed Basketbrawl and summer games

  • fixed off pixel detection in write mode, affected baby pac man


  • fixed audio issues, affected ms pac man


  • updated core
    fixed error when attempting to write to some registers e.g. with the Debugger (#3028)
    fixed crash on Linux
    refactored GambatteLink to be more modular and add support for 3x/4x
    added proper memory callback scopes for link play
    enabled disassembly in link play
    allowed linking w/ GBC cart IR
    stopped using fine-grained timing for link play when the link is disconnected
    added more scopes for memory callbacks


  • updated GBA startup state, affected Konami collection vol. 4
    fixed link play, affected perfect dark


  • added support for SRAM larger than 8MB (#3073)
    prevented crash when loading Debugger (#2769, #2958)


  • fixed crash on Linux (#2425)


  • adjusted sme timings and fixed accesses to registers, affected motocross
    cleaned up CPU, fix trace logger and throw less exceptions
    fixed intellicart, affected various homebrew roms
    fixed MOBs with x-coord 0 being visible, affected bowling
    fixed overflow flag calculation, affected checkers and reversi
    more compatibility work


  • stopped treating warnings as errors
    set System Bus correctly


  • updated core, adding experimental DSiWare support
    enabled memory callbacks
    fixed empty strings in firmware settings preventing roms from loading (#3030)


  • fixed haptic feedback causing movie playback to crash
    enabled GLideN64's texture wildcard support (#3104)


  • added mapper for Pokemon bootlegs
    fixed not parsing iNES v2 headers (#3082)
    other small accuracy improvements and bugfixes


  • fixed blobbers and Popeye


  • fixed crash related to framebuffer resizing (#3018)


  • fixed sprite collision inaccuracy (#1611), affected Ecco the Dolphin
    fixed Fray (vert lock update)
    fixed SMS backdrop colors
    fixed ys (JPN) by emulating VRAM masking bit
    improved SG-1000 8kb ram adapter emulation


  • implemented 64K bank switching


New Core melonDS!


  • Lua support!

Fix Basic Bot


  • Sameboy is removed; Gambatte is the new default SGB core


  • fix Cart Bus Pullup setting

  • update gambatte upstream


  • Set bk2 movie CGB flag properly

  • Fix GBHawk settings dialog not appearing


  • Increase IRQ delay in mapper 48 to fix graphics glitch in Jetsons

  • Fix Zelda SaveRAM (#1623)

  • Give Jump II initial SRAM of 0xFF

  • Fix Tsuri Kichi Blue Marlin Hen


  • Fix nondeterminism issues (reported for Choplifter)


  • game db updates


  • Balance audio better (#2814)

  • Add SRAM to Terminator (#2966)
    fix pop breaker


  • Improve memory domains


  • Update octoshock to Mednafen 1.27.1 (#2989)


  • Fix snes graphics debugger getting permanently hidden (til app is restarted) (#2950)

  • EmuHawkGroup SGB in with GB/C in PathConfig (#2992)
    Encode screenshot as JPEG when it has the extension (#2982)

  • TAStudioFix TAStudio not loading saved branches (#2640)
    Add confirmation modal when launching TAStudio during casual play
    Do not seek when needing to load greenzone on paint
    Fix Frame Number Hover (#2811)

  • Luaimplement client.get_approx_framerate()
    implement save_image_to_disk() to Lua canvas (#2744)


  • Fix HAWK Commandline option (#2947)
    Fix freezing when extracting music (#2952)
    Multi-thread audio extracting


  • Implement client api GetApproxFramerate()


  • Updated nyma cores to Mednafen 1.27.1


  • fixed #2873 - Mnemonic display for PCECD shows ! instead of the II, III, IV and VI buttons as well as the mode "buttons"


  • Fixed #2856 - SNES Super Scope gives an exeption error
    Added sa1_iram memory domain for new bsnes
    Fixed #2942 - Adaptating the bsnes gamma ramp shader


  • Added haptic feedback passthrough (with rumble pak enabled in controller settings, look in keybinds after analog)
    Fixed #2808 - Support null (any) address for N64 breakpoints
    Updated GLideN64
    Added new GLideN64 settings: BackgroundsMode, txEnhancedTextureFileStorage, and txHiresTextureFileStorage
    fixed #2864 - N64 PAL roms in .n64 format are treated as NTSC


  • Fix fast forwarding


  • Fix mapper 88 mirroring. Closes #2847
    Improve power on state accuracy


  • Fixed #2805 - memory hooks (event.onmemorywrite) not being removed properly
    Fixed #1112 and #1870 - Add Game Overrides as a Sync Setting (including rtcEnabled)


  • Overhaul datacorder and cassette loading code. This should now be more accurate and fixes a number of loading isues with particular games and loading schemes. Fixes #1446


  • BizHawk changes mainlined into upstream gambatte-core, which is now split from gambatte-speedrun
    Linux support added
    full HLE SGB mode implemented in Gambatte, better than SameBoy
    no BIOS accuracy improvements and HLE of CGB-DMG colors (restoring to original Gambatte behavior of hacking in the post BIOS state)
    Expose isCgbDmg + add isCGBDMGMode instead of isCGBMode to movie headers if active
    Tracelogger fixes #2710 #2701 #2902
    Open Bus Emulation
    Use dumped uninitalized AGB WRAM for AGB instead of CGB initial RAM layout
    fix rare crash when changing window when the LCD is disabled and an hdma was requested within that lcd disabled period, #2919
    initialize controller once on core construction and require core reboot to change it, #2921
    automatically create missing BIOS files by patching files you already have (GBC<->GBA, DMG<->MGB, and SGB2<->SGB1)
    various other improvements to accuracy, savestate consistency, and stability


  • Update to Mednafen 1.27.1
    Added options for virtualboy to only show left or right screen


  • fixed Virtual Pad schemata


  • Add to Linux port


  • Fixed #2747 and #2077 - improper handling of file paths
    fixed #2787 - unable to open roms in EmuHawk via File Explorer on Windows
    fixed #2759 - strange behaviour of minimised windows on Windows
    fixed #2435 - tab labyrinth in `Config` > `Paths...`
    fixed #2643 - include frame numbers when copying rows in TAStudio
    fixed #2784 - xbone or gamepads pretending to be xbone are detected as two gamepads
    prevent crashing when unplugging gamepads using DirectInput+XInput method
    rewrote most of the OpenTK gamepad code and some of the DirectInput+XInput gamepad code, probably fixing obscure bugs
    respect system chosen for file ext. (i.e. `Config` > `File Extensions...`) when loading an archive containing a single file
    Fixed Basic Bot

RAM Watch

  • Added HandleWatchSizeSelected() to allow user-initiated watch size changes to be ignored if they reset the setting to the same value. fixes #2857


  • fixed #2463 - config option for rewinds every fixed number of frames
    Fixed #2826 - bad interaction between rewind+movie+savestates when using delta state rewinder
    Fixed #2877 - rewinds sometimes drifting 1 frame forward when loaded


  • allow loaded ext. tools to be queried via client Lua library / IToolApi
    Make sorting optional for forms.setdropdownitems
    fixed #2844 - new lua functions for memory and mainmemory: read_bytes_as_array / write_bytes_as_array / read_bytes_as_dict / write_bytes_as_dict
    added event.onconsoleclose to Lua API
    allow most of the mmf Lua library to be used without passing --mmf on the command-line, and add some helper functions to it
    fixed #2940 - made client.openrom behave like client.reboot_core


  • fixed #2760 - prevent crashes when minimizing and other cases


Set all cores to update Frame counter post-emulation. NOTE: This is a sync breaking change for MGBA movies using RTC, as the time sent to the core was the pre-incremented time.


  • update to 0.9.1


  • Fix RTC on Hard Reset
    MBC3 Fixes
    Support setting inital RTC state during a movie recording
    Fix layer masking
    Move layer masking to sync settings (these settings affect sync)
    Block toggle layer hotkeys when movie recording
    Update GBA modeswitch timing and testROM accuracy
    Fix autodetection of console mode
    Add wisdom tree mapper suport
    clarify sync settings (#2688)


  • Fix OAM DMA Bus Conflict emulation (#2709)
    #2715 , still needs vram open bus fix but that's seperate


  • Add missing mapper variable to state for some pirate games


  • Fix PAL time calculation (#2684)


  • Fix default PCE gamepad bindings (fixes #2720)
    Fix crashes in PCE debugger


  • Add N64 plugin categories (#2729)
    Fix to allow addresses 0x80000000..0xFFFFFFFF (#1734)


  • Add missing menacer keys (#2718)


  • Fix aspect ratio (#2670)


  • Fix system Id (#2650)


  • Implement memory hooks (#2726)


  • Fix FormatException on startup on certain locales (#2716)
    Fix GB Layers not toggling (#2491)
    Add utvideo to ffmpeg dumper
    Movies - respect LogKey of loaded movie
    Firmware Config - don't treat known-but-bad as good (#2224)


  • Fix bug where nothing happens on the first press when frame interval is 1 (#2667)
    Add delta compression option (Good size reduction for some cores, less useful for others)
    Ram Watch - fix autoload
    Hex Editor - .tbl file loading - clear table before loading a new one, ignore empty lines in file
    Debugger - Add rgbds syntax for GB/C disassembly (#2706)
    CDL - Fix SNES core crash on load (#2662)
    Fix Log Window (#2694)


  • Accept all 4 colour formats in all Lua functions (#2602)
    Support swapping input using joypad.set() and joypad.get()
    client.seekframe - Prevent hangs from trying to go backwards
    lua socket fixes (#2194, #2671)
    MovieClock.lua - use cycle based time for Gambatte/SubGBHawk (#2708)


  • Fix auto-restore bug where auto-restore position was not set correctly the first time using it after auto-restore usage earlier in the movie
    Fix broken tastudio when selecting "New from the File" menu item and saving changes when asked
    Fix autoload
    Fix Converting to bk2 resulting in unsaved changes never asterisk appearing (#2583)


  • Fix branch loading (#2640)
    Fix hotkeys
    Fix right-clicking a branch when the contextmenu was already open would throw an exception
    Branch view will now scroll to the updated branch when using hotkeys to update a branch
    Fix exception, scroll to branch on updating branch and fix #2645
    Make load branch hotkey deselect all but one branch
    Add initial marker in frame 0 when loading older tasprojs (#2693)

Show Previous Changes



  • Fix trying to use DIrectInput (2607)


  • Fix single instance mode (#2577)

  • Update default hotkey bindings to use new names (#2576)

  • Limit attempts to dearchive to files with extension .zip, .7z, .rar. (#2587)

  • Rename and clarify Alternate Sync (#1398)

  • Fix clock throttle being 60fps for all systems (#2580)

  • Fix multi-disk bundler

  • Fix resizing controller config dialog


  • Fix savestate corruption bug introduced in 2.6. This bug causes desync issues on most cores!

  • Refresh view when pausing with middle-click


  • Fix client.reboot_core()

  • Fix drawing during onframeend() event handler (#2595)


  • HawkReport 50fps in the Play Movie dialog


  • Fix VDP Viewer screenshot feature (#2596)


  • Fix Wagyan Land 2 Graphical Bugs

  • FIx mapper 90


New Core! Odyssey2 core is offically released

Update nyma cores to Mednafen 1.26.1


  • Fix cart detection (#2513)

  • Fix independence Day soft lock (Fixes #2162)

  • Fix .xml loading Fixes #2557.


  • Update to 0.9


  • Update libgambatte to r729+

  • Support GB layer toggling

  • Add GB object viewer

  • Various updates from gambatte-speedrun


  • Add System Bus memory domain

  • Fix debugger window crashes when adding a breakpoint

  • Use Octoshock's built-in disassembler

  • Support memory execute callbacks

  • Have memcbs include actual values

  • Fix can't accept PSX rom converted from DiscoHawk (#2478)


  • Accuracy improvements

  • HDMA fixes

  • Implement reads for GBC visualizer

  • Change initial ram state

  • Double Speed mode fixes

  • Properly fade to white in GBC mode

  • Mode 1 overhaul, fixes several bugs

  • Update bad SRAM access emulation

  • Open bus behaviour on locked SRAM

  • Multi-cart check for bomberman selection

  • Window timing bug fixes

  • Sprite timing bug fix

  • Add Game DB entry for Litti's Summer Sports

  • Fix debugger disassembler

  • Implement LCDC write glitch for gbc-acid-hell


  • Save audio cycles in SubGBHawk where it's needed, fixes state integrity checker in TAStudio


  • Make ROM memory domain writeable (Use at your own risk)

  • add CARTROM-DB and CARTROM-D blocks to CDL

  • Fix PAL detection (#2503)


  • HawkChange NES framerates (#2460)


  • XAllow writing to rom memory domains



  • Fix Xbox one controller stops working, (#2429)

  • Fix overlapping/duplicate controls in FirmwaresConfig's

  • menu

  • Fix crash when clicking on column headers in

  • FirmwaresConfig

  • Support Oem102 keyboards

  • Fix alt-keyboard-layout mode crashes

  • Add an option to capture the Lua without capturing the full OSD, when AV recording

  • Don't clear input when changing ROM (#2453)

  • Fix GBA Game Shark code conversion (#2545)

  • Cheats - Fix Changing selected row with arrow keys doesn't update side pane (#2550)

  • GB GPU Viewer - Bounds check tile drawing for OBJ window, seems to resolve random crashing

  • Fix SyncSettings type cast error during Rom load

  • Ram Search - fix crash when deleting addresses


  • Implement joypad.getwithmovie()

  • Deprecate emu.getluacore in favour of new func client.get_lua_engine

  • Fix reverting current directory

  • Fix client.reboot_core() (#2571)

  • Fix MovieClock.lua ui, also use current frame count instead of movie length


  • Support drive states

  • Fix state gap when frame advancing and painting input

  • StateManager fixes

  • Do not attempt to report >100% seek progress (This could happen if the user starts a seek which results in loading a savestate past the frame previously being seeked)

  • Fix scrollbar behavior

  • Cell selection fixes

  • Fix opening TAStudio after starting a .tasproj

  • Undo history fixes

  • Debugger: Fix scrolling in disassembly view

  • Virtual Pad analog stick: Fix changing x axis name (#2467)


  • Pass SRAM to emulator before state is made

  • Fix playing a movie when core is not specified and core is not one we support switching of (#2466)


  • Fix crash on GPGX

  • Gambatte - fix 1st opcode byte. (#2551)

  • GBHawk - Fix domain names (#2552)

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