2.52 / 09-10-2020



BizHawk is a multi-system emulator written in C# which provides features such as full screen, joypad support and much more. It also has key features for TASers (Tool-Assisted Speedrunners). such as full rerecording and debugging tools.

Consoles covered include but are not limited to Apple II, Atari 2600/7800, ColecoVision, DOS, Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy, MSX, Nintendo Entertainement System, Super Nintendo, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, ZX Spectrum!





Windows: 7+ 

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1, Visual C++ Redists (2010 SP1, 2012, 2015) & Direct3D 9 required.

  • They provide a pre-requisite package

Linux: As stated by the authors, support is a work-in-progress

Most Recent Changes

Users running Linux: As a workaround for this crash, run find "<BizHawk path>" -exec touch "{}" \; after extracting (once ever).

Breaking Changes

  • Gambatte sync settings (for GBC in GBA)


  • Fix loading


  • Fix missing variables in savestates (desync fixes)

  • Fix color displayed when BG is off

  • Rework interrupt and scroll/sprite handling to pass

  • more tests related to Gensan 2


  • Fix Core Picker (#2422)


  • Fix Debugger on Linux

  • Fixes to disassembly output

Dual GB

  • Fix XML generation and core preference selection


  • Initialize with a single controller instead of two (for consistency with other cores)


  • Initialize with a single controller + memcard instead of two (to be consistent with other cores)

  • Refine savestates to hopefully address desync issues


  • Fix OBS Dialog Detection (#1996)

  • Fix ffmpeg

  • Change default input method on Windows to DirectInput

  • Minor GB/C and PCFX firmware detection revisions (#2430)

  • Profiles - Tas Profile - default to bsnes for SNES, turn off GBC in GBA setting

  • Add advanced config option that will remove the "mixed" key priority when clicking the statubar icon or pressing the hotkey
    Remove default joypad bindings for fast-forward/rewind. (#2297)

  • Re-add M3U capabilities for optical disks (#2390)


  • Fix loading of .bk2 files

  • Fix drag-drop of .tasproj files onto main window while TAStudio is open (#2386)

  • Fix slowdown when there are many savestates in history (#2433)

  • Fix multi-select of branches and markers (#2409)

  • Fix Emulation doesn't pause when clicking menus (#2281)

  • Fix .tasproj backup files getting saved with savestates (#2416)

  • StateManager - Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException when buffer is full requested (#2392)

  • Markers - scroll to newly added marker instead of assuming it is the last in the list and scrolling to bottom (#2350)


  • Re-enable multi-select (#2401)

  • Fix session saving saving the session filename instead of the script filename, (#2400)

  • Fix "Can't have lua running in two host threads at a time" when using certain TAStudio Lua methods

  • Fix event.onexit()


  • toolfix NRE on File -> Load Macro (#2375)


  • SearchPersist Use Undo History setting, and turn on by default (#2413)