1.29.13 / 31-05-2020



AppleWin (also known as Apple //e Emulator for Windows) is an open source 

software emulator for running Apple II programs in Microsoft Windows. 

It support most programs that could run either on the Apple II+ or the Apple IIe. 

For its other capabilities, please check this reference.


Most Recent Changes

  • [Bug #790] Fixed regression for -d1,-d2 & -s7-empty-on-exit (introduced at

  • [Change #787] Debugger: Extended 'cycles part' command to do timings relative to a user-specified base.

  • [Change #783] Debugger: Extended 'tf' command to include cycle count.

  • [Change #720] Debugger: Added more symbols to APPLE2E.SYM.NB. LC ($C08n) symbols are now correct for the LC, so 'LDA $C08C,X' will disassemble as 'LDA LCRAMIN1_,X' instead of 'LDA DATASTROBE,X'. But now perhaps less helpful when stepping Disk II code.

  • [PR #785] Debugger: Improvements to Bookmarks.AppleWin.chm: Added debugger help about Bookmarks.